What is part of a communication concept?

What is part of a communication concept?

It can be divided into the three individual areas of analysis, strategy and implementation. The course of a communication concept is traditionally similar to that of a management process in marketing and consists of analysis, planning, implementation and control.

How do I make a communication concept?

Developing a communication strategy in 9 stepsBroad basis. Step 1: Define the role of corporate communications. Step 2: Clarify framework conditions. Step 3: Define target groups. Step 4: Develop messages. Step 5: Formulate strategy and tactics. Is that strategy or tactic? Step 6: Derive communication measures.

How do you write a communication concept?

The following points can serve as a rough guide for creating a communication concept. The briefing. The situation analysis including SWOT. The definition of the goals. The target group determination. The communication content. The communication strategy. Implementation and success control.

How do you start with a concept?

With the following tips and steps you can convince and ensure that you not only create a concept, but that it is actually implemented. Define the goal. Gather information. Develop strategies and approaches. Stick to the essentials. Get feedback.

How much does a communication concept cost?

Services that can be flat-rate (figures in euros)Up to 10 employees51-100 employeesCommunication concept (from – to)2,000 – 4,0005,250 -9,000Website design (from – to)2,500 – 5,0007,000 – 13,500Social media concept (from – to)2,000 – 4,0005,750 – 8,750Press release including dispatch (from – to)580 1,000700 – 1,0007 •

What is included in a concept?

A concept is basically the blueprint for your project. It sets the direction, describes the goals and content of your project. For your organization and the employees of the project, it creates clarity about the goals and their implementation in the project. It should be the basis of their actions.

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