What is primary and what is secondary literature?

What is primary and what is secondary literature?

Often these are also referred to as primary sources and secondary sources. Primary literature represents the subject of research in secondary literature. In secondary literature, information from primary literature is described, analyzed or interpreted.

What is literature class?

The way of working in literature classes is workshop and project-oriented, which means that after a phase of imparting basic knowledge and skills, jointly defining a course topic and jointly planning and carrying out all work steps, the work focuses on creating a …

What is an Author Explained to Children?

A writer is someone who writes literature. This usually means good stories that many people read. Another expression is “author”, but it means all people who have written something. It doesn’t necessarily have to be literature.

What kind of books do you have to read?

25 must-read books – a literary canonAntoine de Saint-Exupéry. The little Prince. Franz Kafka, Joseph Kiermeier-Debre (ed.) The process. John Steinbeck. Grapes of Wrath. F. Scott Fitzgerald. HG Wells, Lutz-W. Wolff (Ed.) Heinrich Böll. The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum. Mikhail Bulgakov. Master and Margarita. Homer. Iliad Odyssey.

Which 10 books do you have to read?

They are books that you have to read. From 10. “Faust. from 10. “Love in times of cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez. from 10. “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy. from 10. “The Physicists” by Friedrich Dürrenmatt. of 10. “Crime and Punishment” / “Guilt and Atonement” by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. from 10th of 10th of 10th

Which books of German literature do you have to read?

Our favorites of German literature Heinrich Böll. The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum. (820) First publication: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Sorrows of Young Werther. (1.584) Günter Grass. In the crab. (200) Friedrich Schiller. Mary Queen of Scots. (545) Theodor Fontane. Effi Briest. (1,701)

Which German literature do you have to read?

Books that one should have read “The Caucasian Chalk Circle” by Bertolt Brecht. “Effie Briest” by Theodor Fontane. “The Steppenwolf” by Hermann Hesse. “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka. “Fabian” by Erich Kästner. “Prince Friedrich von Homburg “by Heinrich von Kleist.” The man without qualities “by Robert Musil.

Which 100 books do you have to read?

The top 100 book list: Don Quixote – Miguel de Cervantes, Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe, Fairy tales – Hans Christian Andersen, Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen, Father Goriot – Honoré de Balzac, Molloy. Malone dies. The nameless one. – Samuel Beckett. Decameron – Giovanni Boccaccio. Fictions – Jorge Luis Borges.

Which authors should one have read?

⇒ Special finds: classics that you should have read … 2 In search of lost time, Marcel Proust. 3 The Trial, Franz Kafka. 4 The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 5 This is how people live, André Malraux. 6 Journey to the end of the night, Louis-Ferdinand Céline. 7 Fruits of Wrath, John Steinbeck.

Which children’s books do you have to read?

Erich Kaestner. Emil and the detectives. Axel Scheffler. The gruffalo. Tomi Ungerer. The three robbers. Jean-Jacques Goscinny, René; Sempé Little Nick. Antoine de Saint-Exupery. The little Prince. Astrid Lindgren. Karlsson vom Dach Complete Edition. Astrid Lindgren. Michel from Lönneberga. Astrid Lindgren. Ronja the robber’s daughter.

Who is the best writer in the world?

These are the 10 Highest Earning Writers in the WorldJ. K. Rowling ($ 95 million) James Patterson ($ 87 million) Jeff Kinney ($ 21 million) Dan Brown ($ 20 million) Stephen King ($ 15 million ) John Grisham ($ 14 million) Nora Roberts ($ 14 million) Paula Hawkins ($ 13 million)

Must read Reich Ranicki?

“You will not find anything that I would have overlooked.” Inevitably, according to Reich-Ranicki, however, given the only 20 titles, some authors had to fall under the table … “Being young is not enough” “The sufferings of young Werther” ” The elective affinities “” Mrs. Jenny Treibel “” Effi Briest “” The Proceß “

Which youth books do you have to read?

Our cross-genre reading tips for young people Joanne K. Rowling. Harry Potter: A Story Full of Magic. (31) Julie Murphy. Dumplin ‘(250) First publication: Wolfgang Herrndorf. Chick. (2.738) First publication: Kai Hermann. Angel and joe. (302) Monika Feth. The strawberry picker. (1,783)

Which thrillers do you have to read?

# 10 of the best thriller books of all time: “Me. May. Not. Sleep. “The Bloodline” by Cody McFadyen. “Cupido” by Jilliane Hoffman. “BLACKOUT” by Marc Elsberg. “The Therapy” by Sebastian Fitzek. “The Devil’s Prayer Book” by Markus Heitz. “DNA” by Yrsa Sigurdardóttir. “The Attack” by Stephen King.

Who writes the best thrillers?

Most Popular Crime AuthorsSebastian Fitzek. Crime / thriller, non-fiction / specialist book, children / youth. Simon Beckett. Crime / thriller, novel / short story.Tess Gerritsen. Crime / thriller, science fiction, novel / short story. Dan Brown. Crime / Thriller.Agatha Christie. Crime / thriller, novel / story.

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