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Classic camping is almost something of a German cultural asset. In hardly any other country – perhaps apart from the Netherlands – is visiting a campsite for holidays or vacations so widespread. Why not? – Here you not only have the infrastructure of good campsites, but you are usually in the most beautiful regions of Germany and can devote yourself flexibly to your own leisure time. Classic camping has also adapted to people’s needs in recent years and today there are a wide variety of concepts of what camping can actually look like.

From luxury camping to “back to the roots” – there are the following options:

Especially when camping with the family, the demands are of course a little more unusual. In the best case, every member of the family should have enough space for themselves, but privacy is more of a luxury, especially with classic camping. That already means that camping with the time is usually only used as an outdoor adventure, but not for longer holidays on one of the campsites in Europe and around the world.

Instead, it’s mostly them Motorhomeswhich are of great interest to many Germans. The market here has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, proving that the desire to travel “self-determined” and “independently” – buzzwords that the motorhome industry likes to advertise with – is still great.

Luxury camping is one of the new trends. With tiny houses and particularly high-quality motorhomes, a fully-fledged home is offered that – in the case of tiny houses – is either already ready at the campsite or can be driven to anywhere in the world. With particularly classy furnishings, specially separated rooms and a multitude of technical options, this could be of particular interest to those who have been put off by the rather adverse camping conditions up to now.

Or you can go one step further and rely on a flexible (but expensive) solution that is actually like your own house at the location of the desired vacation:

Mobile Homes – what the new trend is all about

Mobile Homes are probably the advanced level of camping and correspond most closely to what can be described as a house. The mobile homes can be set up anywhere in the world and – this is the crucial point – they can also be transported to other locations. Provided you find a specialized transport company and are willing to pay the high costs for it, you are therefore not tied to one location. It should also be noted that you first find a plot of land on which the mobile home can be parked.

If you want to buy such a mobile home, you also have a wide selection of different price classes and thus also the equipment that this flexible holiday home brings with it. A lot is possible, from the basic equipment for flexible holidays to the luxurious version.

There is now a large market for this form of modern vacation, which is of course particularly suitable for families. You can choose a new model or buy a used mobile home – there is also a large selection here and the corresponding mobile homes can usually be used for years to come. So it can be worthwhile looking into alternatives to camping with the family.

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