What is the best way to learn while studying?

What is the best way to learn while studying?

It is important to remember, so that learning goes well: Avoid distractions, no music while studying, sleep, eat and drink enough, plan learning phases backwards before exams (click here for the template) First structure the learning material, then link it and finally learn it (by heart).

What to do shortly before the exam

Before you go, make sure you have everything you need with you. For example, you shouldn’t forget: your (student) ID, writing materials (and spare parts), calculator, something to drink, a snack and of course a few last-minute learning materials to ensure that you feel good.

How long is the break after studying?

The following division has proven itself: after 10 minutes: break (duration: 1 minute) after 30 minutes: mini break (duration: 5 minutes) after 2 hours: coffee break (duration: 15-20 minutes)

How often do you take a break from studying?

If you have already learned a few hours, a break of 15-20 minutes has proven itself. This way you are optimally rested, but still motivated to continue learning. Those who like to take more frequent breaks should make the breaks shorter.

How long do you study for the Physikum?

How long before the exam should you start studying? There are official learning plans that include 50 days for the Physikum and 100 days for the hammer exam without breaks.

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