What is the definition of epic?

What is the definition of epic?

word meaning. Epic is derived from epic, which derives from Latin epicus and Greek epikós respectively. Epic means something like speech, story, story.

What does the word legendary mean?

legendary, comparative: more legendary, superlative: most legendary. meanings: [1] in the manner of a legend. [2] great, amazing.

What does the word mythical mean?

In a broader sense, myth also refers to people, things or events of high symbolic importance or simply a false idea or lie. For example, the adjective “mythical” is often used in colloquial language as a synonym for “fairytale-vague, fabulous or legendary”.

What does the word fury mean?

meanings: [1] lifted: wildness, frenzy. Origin: borrowed from the Latin furor → la, which in turn goes back to the verb furere → la “to storm, rage, rage, rage”, see also fury and furor.

What does the word trilogy mean?

Three-part (trilogy) A trilogy is a literary, musical or film work that belongs together in terms of content and consists of three parts. Although the individual works of a trilogy have a common framework, they are at the same time independent and self-contained.

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