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Awarded to a Graduate Student Who exemplifies the Ideals of Undergraduate Scholarship

Stephen Paea benched 225 pounds 49 times at the NFL Scouting Combine workout. This was second-most repetitions ever achieved at this event.

Steve directs PAE’s Technology Design Group in creating intuitive and innovative security, audiovisual and data systems. His projects range from educational environments that foster safe and healthy learning environments for both teachers and learners to healthcare facilities where technology design enhances patient outcomes and save lives, and airports where technology design creates a smooth travel experience.

Early Life and Education

Steven Pae was living with his mother and 3 brothers in Hamilton Township, New Jersey at 20 years of age.

Last fall when Spielberg started attending Paul VI full time as a full-time student, his story quickly unravelled from what had been originally told to the admissions officer when applying. When billing began for him and attendance dwindled only occasionally, payment requests were sent directly back out with letters on DreamWorks SKG letterhead stating that Spielberg’s production company would cover his tutor fees but could not cover his tuition payments as well.

His case has reignited debate on the so-called Model Minority myth, which depicts Asian Americans as quiet and studious while concealing racism and other forms of bias that they experience at work and school. Furthermore, it underscores the potential negative ramifications of parental alienation on children.

Professional Career

Steven has an extensive background in technology leadership. His record includes successfully leading agile delivery teams for digital consumer-lending businesses. Furthermore, Steven possesses considerable expertise in credit analytics for retail and corporate banks as well as designing large-scale risk and pricing models for retail banks.

He graduated with his MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University. Additionally, he holds membership with Ascend Executive Network as well as four professional licenses – Series 7, 63, 24 and 55 from FINRA.

Steven is currently the Global Head of Product Development for Morgan Stanley Electronic Trading and has more than 10 years experience working in financial institutions at increasingly senior roles. An active leader of firmwide Asian Professionals network, Steven also enjoys mentoring younger professionals as part of his passion. Steven sits on the Board of Directors of National Association of Asian MBA’s (NAAMBA).

Achievement and Honors

Award for an undergraduate senior who, according to faculty opinion, exemplifies the highest ideals of undergraduate scholarship.

Steven is an adept technology consultant with extensive experience creating intuitive and innovative security, audiovisual, data, and communication systems for clients in multiple sectors and environments. This includes creating safe learning communities in education environments; improving patient outcomes while saving lives at healthcare facilities; and airports which foster ease of travel for travelers.

He currently holds the role of CIT Chief Information and Operations Officer – Business Capital Technology where he directs technology and operations for capital businesses including Capital Finance, Commercial Services, Direct Capital and Equipment Finance. In this position he oversees strategic direction for IT/Ops services and aligning them to meet business unit goals.

Personal Life

Steven Pae resides in northern Manhattan with his wife Kristin and daughters Ellery and Delaney, as well as being on the National Board for Ascend, a non-profit Pan-Asian Professional Network.

Pae’s life in the suburbs was seemingly idyllic; however, his personal life started to turn darker as time progressed. He became a part-time student at Paul VI High School, attending classes irregularly with friends and hanging out in between classes with them; his apartment was repeatedly egged while other pranks at school targeted him directly.

Pae has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Business Capital Technology at CIT Group since 2013, where he oversees its strategic direction and alignment of technology and operations services with commercial businesses such as Equipment Finance, DirectCapital and Lender Finance.

Net Worth

He is a dynamic technology consultant, crafting intuitive and innovative security, audiovisual, and data systems across multiple industries and sectors – such as education environments that foster safe and healthy learning opportunities for students; healthcare facilities that save lives while improving patient outcomes; airports where technology design enhances traveler safety and enjoyment.

He began working for KING 5 in February 2021 and enjoys living in Western Washington, where she can indulge in delicious seafood dishes and sip on exceptional cappuccinos. While information regarding his personal life remains private, updates regarding any possible marriage plans or otherwise will be provided when available.

Pemberton’s Mid-Market Debt Strategy relies heavily on Mr. Hawley as Portfolio Manager and Responsible Officer to drive new investment generation, due diligence, structuring, and execution. In addition, he serves as Head of Loans, High Yield and Distressed Credit at Pemberton as well as being part of its Credit Review Committee.

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