What is the difference between a letter of motivation and an application?

What is the difference between a letter of motivation and an application?

The letter of motivation follows within the application on the cover letter and curriculum vitae. If the cover letter and curriculum vitae are longer than one page or if you add an optional cover sheet to your application portfolio, the letter of motivation can of course only appear after the third page in your application.

What is a letter of motivation when applying?

The letter of motivation helps you to set yourself apart from the other applicants and to leave a lasting impression. The letter of motivation serves as a supplement to the cover letter. You can put personal information here and thus illustrate your motivation in relation to the company.

How do you write a letter of motivation for a scholarship?

You only write about yourself and your abilities and don’t say a word about the foundation to which you are applying for a scholarship. Instead of giving specific examples of how and where you take on responsibility in society, you use general empty phrases and trite standard formulations.

How do I apply for a semester abroad?

How and when do I apply for a semester abroad? If you decide to spend a semester abroad, first find out more on the website of the International Office of your university or personally via partner universities.

Why should you do a semester abroad?

In the semester abroad you will experience everyday life in a foreign country in a very authentic way. You adapt to a new rhythm of life, for example when you turn night into day in Spain and take a siesta at lunchtime. This way you learn to get involved with foreign cultures.

Why should you do Erasmus?

You improve your language skills without the hassle of learning vocabulary. You don’t need to be afraid that you will “lose time”. Because the academic achievements that you achieve at the Erasmus university abroad can be recognized by Erasmus students at their home university.

What are the benefits of a stay abroad?

This is mainly due to the combination of working and traveling abroad. A work-and-travel stay strengthens your independence, organizational skills and adaptability. You have to organize everything yourself on site: you have to find a job, find accommodation and make new contacts.

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