What kind of average do you need to study teaching?

What kind of average do you need to study teaching?

With a satisfactory Abitur average, you can expect 4-6 waiting semesters for a special education teaching degree, and 4-8 semesters for primary school education, depending on the university and the allocation of study places.

How long do you have to study to become a primary school teacher?

Depending on the type of school you choose, the length of your studies can also vary. For example, you usually sit at the university for five years to become a teacher at grammar schools, and one year less to teach at primary school.

Should I become a teacher?

How do I become a teacher? As a teacher, you get young and older students excited about subjects such as history or English. In order to be able to work as a teacher, you have to complete a teaching degree with two subjects at a university. The teaching degree consists of a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

How many student teachers become teachers?

Just over 8 out of 100 students decided to train as a teacher: in the past winter semester there were around 236,000 student teachers nationwide.

How many teachers are missing?

In the next ten years, there will be a shortage of 780 vocational school teachers across Germany every year. According to statistics from the Minister of Education, there will be a shortage of around 700 vocational school teachers nationwide in 2020.

What are shortage subjects?

Shortage subjects in NRW are currently the subjects English, home economics, computer science, art, mathematics, physics and sport (secondary level I), computer science, art, mathematics and Latin (secondary level II) or mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, nutrition and home economics as well as …

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