What makes a good blog article?

What makes a good blog article?

A good blog is characterized by the fact that new articles are regularly created for visitors. The better the content of your blog, the more and longer your visitors stay on your blog and read your articles, the more trust the search engine gives you.

What is a blog article?

Of course, these texts are blog articles if they appear on a blog. A blog is simply a technical solution that collects posts, with the most recent ones at the top. So it’s an ordered list of thoughts. It can also just be pictures, without any text.

What is a blog and what exactly does a blogger do?

A blogger [blɔger], also known internationally as Weblogger, is a publisher or author of blog posts. You can use your own website or portal for this. A blogger is the main author above the text, mostly writes in the first person perspective and integrates his personal opinion.

What is a blog simply explained?

A blog is a page on the internet. The word weblog is made up of the words web and log. So Web stands for the Internet and Log for regular entry. The people who write for their blog are called bloggers.

What is the function of a blog?

If a weblog is designed as a group blog in which not just one person but several people write (employees, volunteers, friends and sponsors, donors), then a weblog also serves to integrate stakeholders and promote (new) skills among the blog authors.

How can I find a blog?

But there are all sorts of pages dormant in the vastness of the Internet and it can therefore make sense to search specifically for blogs. Google Blog Search: The first address to find blogs. Blog directories for targeted blog searches. Check blog charts for new blogs. Google Alerts to find topics.

What is a blog on Instagram?

Instagram is a photo-based social media platform that offers you the option of blogging light (also known as microblogging). Here you can quickly and easily share photos and videos, tell short anecdotes and thoughts and get in touch with your subscribers.

How to make a blog on Instagram?

This is how YOU will become an Instagram Blogger think about a concept. Take good Instagram pictures. Post regularly & offer a personality to your followers. Get more followers – many and fast. Get invited to events. Land cooperations & earn money.

How can I get followers on Instagram?

More videos on YouTubeFollow other accounts. Use other social networks. Collaborate with other users. Use other accounts to make your account better known. Advertise your Instagram profile offline. Attend special Instagram Meetups. Create Instagram Stories. Use live video.

How do I set up a personal blog on Instagram?

Open the app settings on Instagram (the gear icon in the top right) and scroll down to the “Account” section. Here you should see the item “Convert to a business profile”. Tap on it and follow the instructions to link your Instagram account to your Facebook page. Congratulation!

How to get rid of personal blog on Instagram?

Instagram: Disable business profile – how it works Go to the settings by tapping on the three-dash icon. Tap on “Settings” at the bottom. Select the “Account” menu item. Tap on “Switch back to personal account”.

How to change category on Instagram?

INSTRUCTIONS: CHANGE CATEGORY You will see your profile as shown in the image above. Now click on the “Edit profile” button. Edit mode opens. Scroll down to Profile Information and tap Category.

How to Identify Instagram Business Account?

You can see whether you can use the Instagram company profiles in the settings of your existing profile. In the settings you will find the new menu item “Switch to company profile”. Just tap on the menu item in the Instagram app and you’ll start converting it into a company profile.

How much does an Instagram business account cost?

Anyone can open a business account on Instagram for free and act as a private person, company or brand. We will show you how to set up an Instagram Business Account and what functions it provides. The first step is to connect to a Facebook page.

What can an Instagram Business Profile do?

Business Profiles have three contact buttons: text (SMS), email, and directions. The necessary fields, i.e. address, e-mail and cell phone number, can be stored in the profile information. Additionally, Instagram displays a category for the account.

Is an Instagram Business Account Free?

The new business profiles are a free feature for users who want to be recognized as a business or brand on Instagram. At first glance, the profiles are very similar. However, the functions that come with the business account are crucial.

What is a business account?

With a business account, your followers will see a “Contact” button once they’re on your profile. When they click on it, they will be prompted to contact you via email, call you or they can find the location of your company office on a map.

How much does it cost to use Instagram?

That’s how the business model works. The good news: Instagram is completely free for private users. This applies to both app downloads and use, including profiling, networking and photo uploads.

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