What motivates you to become a manager?

What motivates you to become a manager?

Because as a manager, you are responsible for the overall success of your team and should honor it accordingly. This not only motivates your own employees, but also helps them to improve.

What should a job advertisement look like?

A job advertisement should begin with information about the position, the scope of employment and a short, concise job description with a brief introduction to the company. It is then advisable to provide information on the required qualifications and to describe the main tasks and, if necessary,

What is not allowed to be in the job advertisement?

Resilient, several years of professional experience, photo desired – these requirements can be found in many job advertisements, but they can cost the company dearly. The rule is: Discrimination is taboo in job advertisements!

What does a requirement profile look like?

It is a mostly tabular representation of all competencies, characteristics, skills, working methods or even talents and other characteristics that are sought in a new employee and expected by applicants in order to be optimally suited for the vacant position.

What must an internal job posting contain?

The internal job advertisement contains at least the following information: the department in which the position is to be filled, the job title and management level, the description of the tasks, professional and personal requirements, the necessary training and examination certificates,

Can the works council request an internal job advertisement?

Even in a large corporation with central personnel planning, the local works council can always request an internal job advertisement. If the employer does not advertise vacancies internally, the works council can refuse to approve a new appointment (Section 99 (2) No. 5 BetrVG).

How do I apply for an internal job advertisement?

Internal application Cover letter, sender and date, subject line, salutation, introduction (motivation) main part (own marketing and competencies) company reference (added value) final part (ideas and dates) greeting and signature.

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