What picture on the resume?What picture on the resume?

What picture on the resume?

If you place your application photo on your CV, it is always there. In the CV, the photo should be slightly larger than a passport photo. The dimensions of 4.5×6 cm are a guideline. Normally, a portrait picture is taken in portrait format.

Is it illegal to lie on a resume?

Lying on your CV can have fatal consequences. The duty of truth applies to applications. Anyone who gives false information in their application documents and is caught doing so risks being dismissed without notice, even after the probationary period.

Which top for application photo?

For men this means a suit in dark colors with a matching shirt (and tie). Women are well dressed in a dark pants suit with a light blouse. Important: Women should avoid strapless tops or too deep necklines. Men please never wear short-sleeved shirts.

What clothes on application photos?

What should you wear in the application photo?

Application photo man
clothing No bright colors, shirt with a jacket, tie is not a must, but the shirt should be buttoned
Hairstyle/Makeup Washed hair, clean hairstyle, if a beard, then neat and well-groomed
Jewellery Not too showy

What happens if you fake your CV?

But what weighs more heavily: anyone who falsifies their application documents risks being terminated without notice. Even tens of years after the probationary period has passed, the employer can contest the employment contract due to fraudulent misrepresentation. Consequence: The employment relationship is terminated immediately, the job is gone.

Why no application photo?

The application photo is now a voluntary addition, not mandatory. Since the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) came into force, you can send your application without a photo. This regulation is intended to prevent discrimination based on age, origin, gender or appearance.

What are the guidelines for a resume photo?

Here are some general guidelines that will help you decide when to include a photo with your CV: Employers in these countries expect a photo to accompany the CV. In fact, without a photo on your CV, your application may be ignored.

What does a photo on the CV mean?

Personal: A photo on the CV conveys a personal image and helps you to be better remembered. Many people also think that a photo says something about your personality. A good photo therefore contributes to your “personal branding”.

How can I do without a photo in my CV?

Another strategy is to not include a photo on your resume, but provide clear links to your social media profiles or a video resume.

What is the Traditional Resume Photo Response?

The traditional answer is: – No. The traditional advice to place photo on CV was an emphatic “no”. The only exceptions are actors and models whose appearance is decisive for the recruitment.

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