What properties does a model have?

What properties does a model have?

A model in chemistry is an ideal (mental) or material (object) object that is used as a substitute for an original. It is a simplification of the original and thus of reality. In some characteristics, the model agrees with the original, in others it does not.

What is characterized?

Characterization is the representation of a person in narrative contexts. In doing so, characteristics of a person are pointed out that are relevant for the assessment of their nature, their intentions, or their history, without describing them directly.

What does describe mean?

1) smear. 2) explain, explain. Synonymous terms: 2) report, represent, describe.

What does Wikipedia need so much money for?

The fundraising campaign justifies the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) with precautionary measures: the money corresponds roughly to what Wikipedia needs in one year. They suspect growth for growth’s sake at Wikimedia.

How is Wikipedia controlled?

Anyone who writes for Wikipedia is controlled by the community,” says Pavel Richter from the board of directors of the Wikimedia Association in Germany. The Wikipedia community includes all authors who write for Wikipedia. However, every reader can check and control.

Is Wikipedia checked?

The online encyclopedia is getting a new system for rating articles. A yellow eye symbol indicates that a Wikipedia moderator has proofread the article for vandalism. A green tick means that an expert has checked the article for errors in content.

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