What questions do you ask a CEO?

What questions do you ask a CEO?

So I thought I’d put together a list of five questions that I think every employee should ask their CEO! “What is your goal?” “What have you learned in the last year, what will you learn for the company in the next year?” “What is the company’s greatest weakness?”

What is asked in the 2nd interview?

The second interview 1.) Get to know new interlocutors. 2.) Review the first interview. 3.) Go deep. 4.) Master tricky questions. 5.) Ask smart and critical questions. 6. Talk about the salary. 7.) Get to know the premises and colleagues. 8.) Learn the next steps.

What do I do with my hands at the interview?

Ideally, the hands should be calm and open on the table, with the palms open if possible. You make a few notes with the pen. Or gesticulate in slow movements and in a small radius in front of the stomach and chest to underline what has been said.

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