What should be considered in an analysis?

What should be considered in an analysis?

Text analysis is about analyzing a literary text or factual text for its important building blocks. In addition to the content, this also includes the structure and language of the source text.

What is the effect of short sentences?

At the beginning of a text, short sentences can be used to create tension. This increases the reader’s expectations and he is more motivated to read your text. It is important to convey something surprising, provocative and catchy in just a few words.

How do you analyze the linguistic design?

For the linguistic analysis, the following three key questions can be used as a guide when analyzing the text: How did the author translate thoughts, content and intentions into language? What does the text want to achieve with its linguistic resources? What is the effect of the language design?

What is meant by linguistic design?

There are various linguistic means that work with repetitions of letters, words or groups of words. Anaphora repeats one or more words at the beginning of a verse/sentence. In the epiphora, several lines (or stanzas) end with the same word.

What is a parataxis and hypotaxis?

One speaks of a sentence series or parataxis when a main clause is connected to another main clause. a hypotax if there is a connection between the main clause and the subordinate clause. Sentence structures are formed by so-called subordinating conjunctions such as that, because, after, although…

What do linguistic images do?

Linguistic images are expressions that create feelings, ideas and moods in the reader. Important linguistic images are: metaphors, comparisons, personifications. A metaphor often combines two or more words to form a new word.

How do I explain a metaphor?

In general, the metaphor is a linguistic expression with a very pictorial content. A certain word is torn from its actual context of meaning and inserted into another without there being a direct connection.

What is personification in a poem?

It is a type of metaphor and is used frequently. The term can be derived from the Latin (persona = person; ficare = to make) and means humanization: animals, plants or lifeless things are equipped with human characteristics or act like humans.

What is a comparison in a poem?

The comparison is a rhetorical device used in works of all literary genres. A comparison is the direct juxtaposition of two or more facts, objects or linguistic images that have at least one thing in common.

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