What should be included in the Swiss CV?

What should be included in the Swiss CV?

This is part of the résumé for Swiss employers: Your work experience, your training, your language skills, your personal details, your IT skills or other skills.

How many certificates do you include with an application?

Job references have the most informative value for HR managers. But here too, applicants should note that a lot doesn’t always help a lot. The current job reference must be sent in any case. In general, it is sufficient to enclose the last three job references with the application.

Which certificates are important?

These include job references, the university degree certificate, the vocational training certificate and the certificate of the last school leaving certificate. Don’t forget to put these in a meaningful order. Ideally, the most recent certificate is on top, while the oldest is on the back.

Which certificates for training?

Attachments that belong in your application: your last three school reports. Job references / letters of recommendation. Certificates (e.g. language courses and courses) Certificate of honorary positions (e.g. in a sports club)

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