What statement?

What statement?

in the definition “statements are propositions that are true or false”. Synonyms for the declarative sentence are declarative sentence or descriptive sentence. However, there is a fundamental difference between the statement and the declarative sentence: A proposition is only typically expressed by a declarative sentence.

What is an indication?

Specification. meanings: [1] general: statement, assertion, declaration, information. [2] in general, usually without an article: requirement to be more or better than one actually is.

What is a statement?

statement. meanings: [1] Statement that describes a situation neutrally. [2] Observation of a previously unrecognized situation.

What do you mean by declaratory judgment?

In contrast to actions for performance, the action is only aimed at determining the existence (positive declaratory action) or non-existence (negative declaratory action) of a legal relationship (i.e. not of facts) or the inauthenticity or authenticity of a document.

What does the word fact mean?

A fact (factum, res facti; ancient Greek πράγματα) is a real, verifiable, existing, true or recognized fact, depending on the point of view.

What does reality mean?

According to human understanding, reality means that things actually exist. Experiences are real to humans. The fact that man can think, judge and interpret is his proof that an experience is real.

What is the assumption?

Word meaning/definition: 1) Premise, prerequisite: the belief in an unproven or unprovable fact, a hypothesis or axioms. 2) Receipt. 3) Approval of a proposal.

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