Thomas Orr

Thomas Orr is a Military Veteran and a Ceramic Artist

Thomas Orr was a Vietnam war veteran who later went on to become a professor and teacher. Additionally, he was an accomplished ceramic artist.

Orr’s lawsuit alleges that the University has violated his rights under the Family Medical Leave Act, Title IX and First Amendment by denying him tenure in 2017. These issues revolve around his paternity leave use and statements made about Dean Duncan.

Early Life and Education

Thomas orr was born and educated at Hendersonville High School before going on to UNC Chapel Hill for undergraduate study before going on to Western Carolina University for masters study and earning various board positions, including at Flat Rock Playhouse and Hendersonville Community College.

As an advocate of public education and researcher, his in-depth knowledge of Henderson County history led him to create the Henderson County Walk of Fame that honors prominent county figures with markers in downtown Hendersonville.

Police officers from throughout the metro attended his funeral service. Lee’s Summit Police Chief Travis Forbes spoke about Orr’s desire to serve his community and shared that all police officers have days where they want out. Forbes told mourners they all experience times when their job can become tough and draining.

Professional Career

Thomas Orr has long been involved with various forms of sports, acting both as an assistant coach and head coach of men’s hockey. Additionally, he is widely respected educator in sport management education, as well as being published author.

He currently practices law at Orr Law Offices, P.C. in Medford, Massachusetts, representing clients in litigation matters including real estate, probate and contract disputes.

Orr’s sculpture employs formal traits to break up and create vivid optical patterns, animating them with experiential movement. His studio practice centers around ceramics; he has taught replacement jobs during sabbatical replacement while developing his practice. Orr also works in workforce development with a specialization in community entrepreneurship – having launched projects like RecycleForce and Centers for Working Families.

Achievement and Honors

Orr’s interest in ceramics began after serving in Vietnam; taking ceramics as an art class became his passion, leading him to live for 10 years in northern California’s foothills, digging clay for firing pots on wheels constructed from old car axles. Additionally, he worked as both studio artist and ceramic technician at local state colleges.

He served on the Hendersonville School Board and helped establish the local Education Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was a member of the North Carolina Educational Theatre Association as well as president of Southeastern Theater Conference.

Lee’s Summit Police Chief Travis Forbes shared with mourners at Orr’s memorial service the story that he was “the best stepper on the force”. A video shown during his service showed Orr slapping his thighs during a routine with other officers.

Personal Life

Thomas Orr is an accomplished potter who has built his livelihood by crafting ceramic pieces for clients around the country. After leaving military service and moving to a small college town where he taught ceramic sabbatical replacement courses at local art school.

Orr works with community organizations to develop programs that assist low-income families and children. He established RecycleForce – an enterprise employing ex-offenders in electronic recycling – as well as Centers for Working Families, an initiative offering one-on-one financial coaching bundled with career services in his neighborhood.

Orr and his wife reside in Aberdeen, South Dakota with two sons – Lyndon and Jocelyn – and one daughter, Ellen. Together they constructed their backyard hockey rink in 2012 as well as running an in-house hockey camp business and providing scouting services for numerous AAA, junior and pro teams.

Net Worth

Their dedication to frugal living has enabled them to live within their means throughout their careers and save for retirement, so that they may give back later. They established two scholarships at both Orr’s mother’s college of enrollment and where she taught high school.

Tom Orr has since transitioned into business since retiring as a hockey player, becoming involved with hockey-related investments firms and owning his name rights. Additionally, he has performed many ceremonial first puck drops for Boston Bruins games.

Tom Orr is also an accomplished artist, producing many public works in addition to his professional life. These include two large-scale wall installations at Dallas International Airport and station designs for Dallas Area Rapid Transit as well as sports-themed clothing lines and sets for productions of Verdi’s Nabucco at Dallas Opera.

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