What subjects do you need to become an engineer?

What subjects do you need to become an engineer?

At the beginning of your studies, you focus on primary fundamentals such as mathematics, physics and chemistry, but also computer science, technical English and business administration. A combination of the disciplines is also conceivable. For example, lectures such as physics for engineers or mathematics for physicists await you.

Why should you study mechanical engineering?

The aim of the course is to train you to become a specialist in one of the diverse fields of mechanical engineering, so that you can later plan and build your own machines. It is not for nothing that mechanical engineering is one of the most popular courses.

What makes a good engineer?

As engineers with our skills, we play a key role in shaping today’s technical structures. Networked international thinking and lifelong learning as well as intercultural understanding and ethnic tolerance will characterize a good engineer in the future in addition to high professional quality.

What do you have to be able to do to become a mechanical engineer?

Mechanical engineer profession. The job itself is primarily about planning, developing, designing and building devices, machines and systems. A large number of mechanical engineers also fulfill tasks in consulting companies.

What does a ship engineer do?

The technical officers on board sea-going ships who are entrusted with the management and supervision of the ship’s machinery are referred to as ship’s engineers. The qualification corresponds to the international ship crew regulation STCW.

How much does a ship engineer earn?

Your salary as a ship engineer (male/female) is €4,940 to €5,350 per month after appropriate training.

Where can you study shipbuilding?

Where can you study shipbuilding? Shipbuilding can be studied in Bremen, Hamburg, Kiel, Rostock and Wilhelmshaven.

How much does an engineer at Porsche make?

average The typical Porsche Ingénieur salary is €79,739. Engineer salaries at Porsche can range from €45,502-€88,247. This estimate is based on 3 Porsche Ingénieur salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated using statistical methods.

How much does a Porsche earn?

Based on 355 salary reports, the average salary at Porsche AG ranges from €13,200 for a graduate position to €145,300 for a department head position. Salary satisfaction is 4.5 out of 5, 29% above the industry average.

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