What type of text is a speech?

What type of text is a speech?

A speech is an oral type of text. The recipients hear the text. You must be able to follow the explanation step by step. Therefore, the speech must be linguistically simple.

What are greetings?

greeting. meanings: [1] short formal speech, also in writing, which addresses a target group directly by greeting. [2] Regards.

What forms of speech are there?

Types of Speeches Declaration of intent, declaration of intent: government declarations, speeches from the throne, speeches at demonstrations. Influence on decision (persuasion): election speeches, advertising lectures; speeches in parliaments and other consultative bodies; Speeches at court hearings (plea).

What is a speech manuscript?

Definition manuscript or speech manuscript. A complete or bulleted elaboration of a speech or a presentation is referred to as a manuscript or speech manuscript.

What is a Defense Speech?

Definition of defense speech in the dictionary German plea of ​​a defender Speech in which someone defends something, someone; apology.

What is the goal of a speech?

The strategic goal of speech is persuasion (Gorgias) or persuasion (Aristotle). The following means are used according to both classical and popular rhetoric: Probare (docere): The speaker appeals to the listener’s rational cognitive ability and seeks to gain approval through factual arguments.

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