What were the causes of the Cold War?

What were the causes of the Cold War?

As a result of the currency reform and the Berlin blockade, the cooperation became an increasing East/West conflict, which culminated in the German-German division in 1949. The division of Germany and Berlin became a symbol of the Cold War.

What is the Cold War and why did it start?

Conflicts arose mainly because of the political, economic and social transformation that the Soviet Military Administration (SMAD) initiated in its zone of occupation immediately after the end of the war and during which all political opposition was rigorously eliminated step by step.

Who was to blame for the Cold War?

Who was to blame for the outbreak of the Cold War? Truman assumed that the totalitarian world was expansive, that the Soviet Union would try to subjugate previously free countries in some form, not necessarily through war, but for example by supporting insurgent groups.

How did the Cold War come about simply explained?

A “Cold War” is a conflict between states that is not fought with military weapons. Today we usually use the term “Cold War” to refer to the conflict between the United States in the West and the Soviet Union in the East that began after World War II.

What is meant by the Cold War?

The Cold War is the term used to describe the tense confrontation between the victorious powers of World War II after 1945.

Which two superpowers faced each other in the Cold War?

The Cold War raged between the superpowers USA and the Soviet Union for more than 40 years. This “war” was never officially declared, but that did not make it any less dangerous: at times the world came close to the abyss of nuclear war.

When was the Cold War exactly?

The Cold War is the name given to the conflict between the Western powers led by the United States of America and the so-called Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union, which they fought out in 19 with almost any means.

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