What’s at the beginning of a book?

What’s at the beginning of a book?

The first page, also known as half-title When you open a book, ie open the cover, you have the first page in front of you. This first page contains the author, title and subtitle of the book, sometimes the genre and sometimes the publisher.

What does a review include?

A review is an informative but also entertaining text. In a review, the author can give an informed judgment about literary works, films and much more. It is therefore a personal statement by the author who, for example, books, films, etc.

Where can I publish my short stories?

You can publish your stories on The site is interesting, you can read and browse other people’s manuscripts and get inspiration too. You can also see how many people have read your texts.

Where can I publish my poems?

one possibility is – here you can put poems online and get feedback from the readers. Or you can publish them in your own block first. If it was really supposed to be a book, I would choose a self-publishing company, e.g.

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