What’s the best way to start a speech?What’s the best way to start a speech?

What’s the best way to start a speech?

The introduction with a starting point: You start your remarks with a fact that struck you just before you started your speech. For example, they are linked to the choice of location, the number of people, and the weather. For example, you can also tie in with the words of the previous speaker.

What do you wear as a father of the bride?

The bride’s father or the groom’s father do not have to follow any fixed rules, a smart dark suit or, if the dress code requires it, a tuxedo, is welcome. Tip: It’s a nice idea if the fathers and best man wear the same flower arrangement as the groom, only in a smaller size.

Who has to give a speech at a wedding?

The wedding speech of the bride’s father or bride’s mother comes first. Then the father or mother of the groom speaks. Afterwards, witnesses, family members and friends speak. He wants to honor his bride with his own speech.

What does the father of the bride say?

Speech by the father of the bride at the civil wedding It is a special pleasure for me to give the speech at your wedding. We, mother and I, wish you all the happiness in the world, health and contentment for the rest of your life. May everything also come together in the future as you hope.

What does the groom’s father say about the wedding?

Dear bridal couple, dear old and new relatives, dear guests, My wife and I wish the dear bridal couple the best of luck on your life together. …

What do you get for your wedding as a parent?

Bringing the mother of the bride into the weddingThe traditions: A bride wears something blue, something borrowed, something gifted, something old and something new. The break with tradition: Usually the father brings the bride to the altar.

How does the father of the bride hand over the bride?

A patriarchal custom This is well known from American films: while the groom is waiting in front of the altar with his best man, the bride’s father leads the bride into the church. Only at the front of the chancel does the bridegroom receive his bride from the father’s hands.

Where does the father of the bride go?

According to tradition, when the father brings his daughter to the altar, the bride walks on the left and the father on the right, so he has his daughter on his left arm. But there is also an opinion – the woman always walks on the right side of the man.

Why does the father bring the bride to the altar?

The fact that the father leads the bride to the altar refers to patriarchal gender politics, ie it comes from a time when the man was seen as the head of the family and therefore also the one who had the power to decide (e.g. financially) over the daughter.

Who goes to church with the bride?

FIRST the bride drives the beautifully decorated car alone to the registry office/church (with dad, maid of honor, etc.), after the wedding the bridal couple drives together in this car.

Who is in the bride’s car?

Where does the bride sit in the bridal car? There is no rule that says where the bride has to sit in the wedding car. Of course it’s romantic if she can sit next to the groom in the back. But in the back seat it is often very tight with a voluminous wedding dress.

Which side is the bride on in front of the altar?

The bride is led to the altar on the left (on the right side when moving out) and later also sits on the left side.

What do the bride’s parents pay?

In the past, the bride’s parents usually paid for the wedding. Nowadays there are no longer such regulations. Each bridal couple is free to finance themselves. The parents of the bride and groom are often happy to bear part of the costs.

Why is the groom standing on the right?

A tradition from the Middle Ages At that time, a man had to keep his right arm free in order to be able to draw his sword in an emergency. Because at that time the groom had to expect resistance from the bride’s family or other rivals during the marriage ceremony. That is why he was always positioned on the right.

Which side is the man sitting on?

According to German custom, the bride sits to the right of the groom; in America, by the way, it’s the other way around. On the other side of the bride is the father of the groom and next to him is the mother of the bride.

On which side does the bride sit in the registry office?

Where do the bridal couple, witnesses, bridesmaids and guests sit at the civil wedding? The couple is seated in the center front at the bridal table. The bride sits to the right of the groom. There is usually room for a groomsman on either side of the couple.

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