What’s the best way to start an interview?

What’s the best way to start an interview?

Ask only one question at a time and give your interviewee enough time to answer. Maintain eye contact and signal attention. Use mainly open questions (w-questions; see info box question types below) to encourage your conversation partner to talk.

What is a structured selection interview?

The aim of a structured selection process is to select suitable employees and to use the right employees in the right job. Selection procedures are to be carried out on the basis of job descriptions and requirement profiles for the respective target position.

How does a hearing work?

A hearing is a candidate examination under difficult conditions. The “delinquent” (as one person concerned saw it) faces a commission of five to 20 people. Before that, he is supposed to give a self-presentation, usually lasting a quarter of an hour, in which his ideas about the function, goals and paths are incorporated.

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