When can the training allowance be reduced?

When can the training allowance be reduced?

In principle, the training allowance may not be reduced! The only permissible exception is the unexcused absence of the trainee during training (company, school, inter-company apprenticeship training).

Why does the training allowance increase from year to year?

Will my training salary increase? Apprentices have a lower salary than skilled workers. This has to do with the fact that as an apprentice you are not yet a full-fledged worker, but still have to learn your trade. Depending on the occupation, the training lasts between 1.5 and 3.5 years.

What do I earn as an apprentice?

In addition, the remuneration often increases with each year of apprenticeship, so that you earn more in the third year than in the first. According to a study by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB), trainees earned an average of EUR 908 gross per month in 2018.

Who determines the amount of the training allowance?

The amount of the training allowance is defined in the collective agreement of the respective industry, e.g. B. that of the chemical industry. However, it may well be that certain companies also pay a portion that exceeds the standard pay scale, and of course this is also done to attract suitable and qualified applicants.

Who sets wage levels?

According to Section 107 (1) GewO, the wage is to be calculated and paid out by the employer in euros; the payslip is to be issued in text form in accordance with Section 108 (1) GewO. In the labor law of the BGB, on the other hand, as consideration for services rendered in the service contract (§ 611 para.

How much training allowance are trainees entitled to?

Your training allowance may not be more than 20 percent lower than the average. So if trainees in your profession receive an average training salary of 1,000 euros, you are entitled to a salary of at least 800 euros during your training.

How much is deducted from the training?

That is currently (2020) around 40% of your gross training allowance. You and your training company share the costs. For you, you have to pay a little over 20% of your training allowance.

How much Christmas bonus do you get in training?

Whether you receive a Christmas bonus as a trainee depends on one very important factor: your employer. Because there is no legal regulation for the trainee Christmas bonus, your boss can decide about it.

How much does a retail apprenticeship earn?

Salary during the apprenticeship With increasing professional experience and knowledge, this increases in the second year to 870 to 940 euros and finally reaches its peak in the third year of the apprenticeship with 980 to 1,060 euros.

How much does a trainee earn at Edeka?

The typical Edeka trainee salary is €842. Trainee salaries at Edeka can range from €612-€1,006.

What do you earn for 20 hours in sales?

The collective agreement wage is € 2,000 gross per month for a normal weekly working time of 40 hours. If you work part-time for 20 hours, you are entitled to a gross monthly wage of €1,000.

How much does retail make?

A young retail salesman in a small business earns 1,700 euros a month. He earns a salary of 20,000 euros a year. A branch manager in a large company earns 35,000 euros a year. She earns about 3,000 euros a month.

What is the net income in retail?

Gross salary as a retail clerkOccupationClerk in retailMonthly gross salary€2,073.17Annual gross salaryHow much net?

How much does a Retail Salesperson make?

On average, a seller earns CHF 5,283 per month. Half of them receive between CHF 4,135 and CHF 7,152 per month.

How much does an unskilled retailer make?

An unskilled earns 1500€ gross for a 170h month because of the minimum wage. After deducting all costs, the unskilled person may still have €1100 net available. A trainee has completed 3 years of training and is more qualified, so should earn a lot more.

How much does a career changer in retail earn?

Career changer is your dream job? In this job you can expect a minimum salary of €26,300, but on average you earn €33,900. If you earn above average, your salary will be around €40,900.

How much does an unskilled salesman make?

approx. 1200 – 1600 gross, depending on the region.

What do you earn full-time at Edeka?

According to this, full-time salespeople at Edeka have an average monthly gross salary of 1,788 euros, store managers 4,023 euros per month. The situation is similar at Rewe. According to the portal, Rewe sellers earn 1,456 euros in Brandenburg, 1,768 euros in Bremen and 1,940 euros in Bavaria.

How much do you earn per hour at Edeka?

Salaries for Edeka €14/hour 11 €/h5 days ago

How much do you earn at Edeka?

According to employees, sellers at Edeka earn a little better. But there is not a big difference: Edeka sellers have an average of 1,788 euros per month at their disposal – 28 euros more than at Rewe. Other publicly visible salaries at Edeka: Store manager: 57,805 euros gross annually.

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