When does something count as plagiarism?

When does something count as plagiarism?

According to the definition, plagiarism is a scientific work in which one or more text passages have been taken over literally or in the same way without being indicated by a quotation. This is known as plagiarism to most students, but there are more to the term.

Is it plagiarism if I rewrite it?

If plagiarism violates copyright law, this can have legal consequences. If there is a plagiarism allegation, a plagiarism check is carried out. Therefore, a paraphrase, i.e. the rewriting of another text, can be plagiarism if the source is not named.

When is a paraphrase considered plagiarism?

Paraphrasing plagiarism is plagiarism in the form of a paraphrase, i.e. your own (re) formulation of a foreign thought without identifying it as such. Structure and idea plagiarism fall into the same group.

What to do if there is a plagiarism allegation?

There is little to nothing you can do, just wait and see. If there have been no previous allegations of plagiarism and the plagiarism is not very blatant (copy entire chapters), you can usually get away with a warning and you can write a new term paper.

How are plagiarism discovered?

There is special plagiarism software to recognize plagiarism and to ban it from the thesis. For this you have to upload the text – regardless of whether it is a seminar paper, bachelor thesis and master thesis, dissertation or a scientific essay such as B. is an essay.

How can I paraphrase?

5 tips for correct paraphrasing Summarize the content of the source text in bullet points. Write your own text without having the source text. Adjust the texts to one another – avoid repetitions and check that the content is correct. State the sources correctly and completely.

What does a reference include?

A reference consists of two parts: a short reference in the text and a complete reference in the bibliography in Word at the end of the thesis. How exactly such a statement must be structured depends on the source (book, article …) and the citation style.

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