When is something worth quoting?

When is something worth quoting?

As a rule, only scientific sources and information published by organizations and companies about matters relating to them are considered “worthy of citation” – but not journalistic or entertainment products.

Is a lexicon worth citing?

In particular, encyclopedias such as the Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon, Internet encyclopedias and the like are not sources worth citing.

Is the Handelsblatt worthy of citation?

However, these are usually not real online sources, but the online editions of specialist journals that also appear in printed form. The online editions of large national newspapers, such as B. Spiegel Online, Süddeutsche Zeitung or Handelsblatt.

Is a study a monograph?

Essays or articles are published in anthologies and journals. An introduction is usually a monograph that provides a summary overview of a topic. Monographs are studies that are written by one or more authors and that are published as individual publications.

Is a biography a monograph?

Demarcation. The most common form of monograph in literature is the biography, which also deals with the complete works or the importance and general assessment of an artist, writer or other person who is mostly important for the public.

Is a textbook a monograph?

Monograph: covers a single object comprehensively and tries to present it from all angles. Is very often written by an author, but this is not a must. As a result, a monograph can be a textbook.

Is a book a monograph?

The term “monograph” goes back to the two ancient Greek words monos = “alone, one” and “graphein” = “to write” and translates as “single script”. The monograph is therefore a book devoted to one topic.

Can a monograph have several authors?

Notes on “AUTHORS” If a monograph has several authors, their names are listed in the order in which they appear on the title page. Two authors are connected with an “&”. For the second author, the order of surname, first name is reversed (i.e.: MÜLLER K. & M.

How do you cite multiple editors?

Several authors or editors are separated in the bibliography by a slash or a semicolon. If there are more than three authors, only the first is given, followed by an “et al. “For” et alii “(and others).

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