When to use non-breaking space?

When to use non-breaking space?

A non-breaking space must always be used if units of meaning are not to be separated by Word. In some cases, the non-breaking space can also be used because the reading flow would be disturbed with a normal space.

How do I make a protected space?

You create the non-breaking space in Microsoft Word by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR, in Mac OS you usually create it system-wide with ALT+SPACEBAR. You can generate it across programs in Windows by pressing ALT+0160 (on the numeric keypad).

Where is the key blank?

The space bar (also space key) is a key on the computer keyboard and typewriter keyboard. It is located on the PC keyboard in the middle of the bottom row of keys, has no imprint and is the widest key.

What is the space key on the PC?

The SPACE key is the long key at the bottom of your keyboard. The German language translation is spacebar.

What is the return key on the keyboard?

The enter key, also known as a bend arrow key, line switch or return key with line break (English Return), is a special key on keyboards of electric typewriters and computers.

How do you write numbers and percent signs?

Percentages are identified by the percent sign % (e.g. 63.7%). According to DIN 5008, a space is placed between the number and the percent sign. The percentage calculation can then be carried out as a fraction (19% = 19/100) or in the decimal system (19% = 0.19).

How to make the plus on the keyboard?

Hold down the Alt key (to the left of the spacebar). Now enter the following number combination on the number pad: 0, 1, 7, 7. The plus-minus sign ± should now appear in your text document or search field.

How do you make a plus sign on the PC?

Isn’t the plus sign right next to the Enter key? The underscore and hyphen only works if Num Lock is set. These and the number fields, as well as “times”, “divided”, “minus” and “comma” on the letter keys are activated by pressing the numlock key. To do this, press .

How do you make the plus minus sign?

To enter the plus/minus sign in Microsoft Windows, hold down the Alt key and type “0177” on the numeric keypad.

How to make a plus on the phone?

No + can be entered in the phone number field of the phone book or when dialing. The telephone network expects “00” here. In name fields, on the other hand, you can enter the + by pressing the * key and then selecting the +.

What does the plus in front of a phone number mean?

The plus sign “+” must be replaced by the caller with the currently valid international access code; for example “00” for international calls from Europe or “011” for international calls from North America.

What does +1 in front of a phone number mean?

The country code 001 or the country code +1 belongs to American Samoa. To make a call to American Samoa, first enter the digits of the country code on your device: 001. The international code is followed by the national code.

What does the number 49 in front of the phone number mean?

The area code for Germany is the country code +49. Simply dial this in front of any phone number with the country’s area code to call Germany. The area code 0049 applies to landline and cell phone networks. This is also the area code Germany from Germany.

How do I get a number out?

Telephone numbers are traditionally looked for in the telephone book, of course. All telephone numbers registered in Germany can be found under Das Telefonbuch. There are also other providers such as klickTel or and other online telephone directories that can be used to search for telephone numbers.

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