Where can I find scientific articles?

Where can I find scientific articles?

Just as there are different sources for answering your own research question, you can find them in different places: (university) library. The library portal of the university. Databases of individual universities and departments. The Internet (especially Google Scholar) seminars.

How does a literature search work?

A literature search is essentially divided into three steps: the literature search (which literature is already known and can also be researched?), the selection of literature (what is relevant?) and the procurement of literature (how do you get to the respective literature?) .

What is an empirical value?

The empirical mean is the empirical initial moment of the first order (empirical moment). an estimate (point estimate) for μ. The value ¯x is also known as the sample mean.

What does the empirical standard deviation say?

The standard deviation is a measure of the spread of the values ​​of a characteristic around its mean (arithmetic mean). This means that the average distance of all answers from the mean is 27 euros. The standard deviation is calculated using the square root of the variance.

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