Where does the date and signature go on the curriculum vitae?

Where does the date and signature go on the curriculum vitae?

Put your signature at the bottom of your résumé, after specifying the place and current date. In the application letter, the signature should be followed by the phrase best regards and before the names of the attachments, if any.

Where do the attachments go with a letter?

Where is the attachment note? If you send attachments enclosed with the letter, you must indicate them with the so-called attachment note. Set this annex note away from the name of the undersigned with a blank line.

Where do the addresses go on a letter?

Correctly label the envelope: 5 important tips Enter the address of the recipient in the lower right corner. You can write your address (sender) in the upper left corner. However, it is not mandatory to specify a sender.

Where does the stamp go on the letter?

Large letter: This is how you correctly position the address and postage stamp The following applies when writing on a large letter: sender address at the top left, recipient address at the bottom right. The stamp is stuck in the upper right corner.

Where does that go to?

is written directly in front of the recipient’s name. In the case of personal letters, you can leave a line above the note “personal”. In letters to authorities, you can put the name “o.

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