Where is a doctorate worthwhile?

Where is a doctorate worthwhile?

Doctorate is particularly worthwhile for engineers In addition, doctorate holders often get entry-level positions with more responsibility than their colleagues who have not received a doctorate. In addition to the additional professional qualification, these are further reasons why doctoral graduates sometimes earn so much more than non-doctoral graduates.

When does a doctor get a doctorate?

doctor medicinae / doctor of medicine) a doctorate is necessary. The doctoral procedure can be started before graduation, but it cannot be finished. The doctoral degree may only be carried when the doctoral certificate is awarded after the doctoral procedure has ended after completion of the degree.

How can I find a PhD thesis?

There is no central contact point for doctoral students in Germany. Therefore, you must first find a professor who would like to supervise your doctoral thesis yourself. GERiT is an information portal with data on around 25,000 research institutions in Germany.

Can you do a doctorate in any subject?

In principle, anyone with a master’s degree, diploma, state examination or master’s degree is allowed to do a doctorate. This is made possible by a resolution of the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs from 2000, which regulates access to doctoral studies.

What does the word doctorate mean?

Doing a PhD: Importance and Basic Information. With a doctorate, an academic proves his ability to work independently and in-depth scientifically. To do this, he prepares a scientific paper, the dissertation, and takes the appropriate exams.

Why should you do a PhD?

A doctorate strengthens the personality and the intellect. It promotes strategic thinking in order to understand and connect complex issues. A doctoral degree promises better chances for management positions.

What do you have to do for a doctorate?

To do a doctorate, you need a university degree (usually the final grade must be better than 2.5). Depending on the doctoral regulations, you can already do a doctorate with a bachelor’s degree. As a rule, however, a master’s degree or an equivalent degree is a prerequisite for the doctorate.

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