Which factors influence consumer behavior?

Which factors influence consumer behavior?

Cultural factors: to which social class, which cultural area, which subculture does the potential buyer belong. Social factors: education, family, status. Personal factors: age, occupation, lifestyle, personality, income. Psychological factors: views and attitudes, motivation, perception.

What are social factors of perception?

Social perception is that sub-area of ​​social cognition that describes the perception of social information, i.e. its filtering, encoding and interpretation and the influencing of these processes by conspecifics. Influences that are based on a lack of personal knowledge are informative.

How are our purchasing decisions influenced?

Vouchers, tokens, discounts and perks have a positive effect on our buying behavior. The product is particularly attractive due to the price savings, which are perceived immediately after the purchase and thus represent an equivalent value.

What is the cultural factor?

The cultural factor specifically means investigating what role it plays in the IB, that there are values ​​and norms that are more prevalent in some countries than in others (in principle every value is everywhere, only they are weighted differently6) and there thus cultural similarities and …

What are influencing factors?

Influencing variable, a factor that affects a measurement, a consideration or an event.

What do you create when making a purchase decision?

The purchase decision process begins with problem identification (need), followed by information search, information processing, evaluation of alternatives, formation of preferences, purchase decision and the purchase act as such.

How does advertising influence my buying behavior?

If we are repeatedly confronted with advertising, this feeling is conditioned in us. If we come into contact with the brand in a different context, the conditioned feeling is automatically triggered in us. As a result, emotions influence purchasing decisions and decisions in general.

How does advertising affect us?

But every advertisement has the same purpose: the desire to have a certain product. Advertising should bring us closer to new products and not let old products be forgotten. The aim is to reach as many people as possible with your product – to win new customers and to keep existing customers.

How are we influenced by advertising?

Advertising cannot directly influence customers’ attitudes towards a product. Rather, the formation of the inner attitude is an unconscious process that has to run over a longer period of time and is controlled by implicit or emotional memory.

What is advertising doing to us?

Objectives and functions of advertising information: Advertising should inform the customer about products, innovations and quality features. Motivation: Advertising should motivate the customer to purchase a product or to take a closer look at the product (e.g. newcomers to a market).

Why is advertising important to us?

You use advertising to inform potential and existing customers about new products and thus create the impression that you are always up to date. By promoting new products, you can penetrate the market faster and more effectively.

What is the role of advertising from the retailer’s perspective?

The tasks of advertising. The awakening of needs: The product should arouse the interest of the customer and the customer should want the product. The information: Should inform the customer about the products and the innovations: the quality features, the function, the advantages over other products and the price. …

What is advertising allowed and what is not?

Misleading advertising: Advertising must not be misleading, in particular it must not contain false information in order to induce a consumer to make a purchase decision. However, comparative advertising must not lead to a competitor or its products being degraded or denigrated.

Why is a tax advisor not allowed to advertise?

Unprofessional advertising According to § 57a StBerG, advertising is “only permitted if it is factually informed about the professional activity in terms of form and content and is not aimed at placing an order in individual cases”. Thus, a tax advisor is free to do almost anything when it comes to advertising.

For which advertising is the advertising council responsible?

Jurisdiction. The German Advertising Council is not responsible for advertising political parties, churches, foundations, associations or non-governmental organizations. The advertising advisory service can then only recommend addressing the criticism directly to those responsible for advertising.

What is unfair advertising?

For a company, advertising forms the basis of success. However, if a company gains a competitive advantage over the competition through inadmissible advertising, this is also referred to as unfair advertising.

What is unfair competition examples?

Unfair competition: 5 examples from the law Unfair competition: The law stipulates clear prohibitions. Goods erroneously labeled “Only today!” Business abandonment – no way! Entrepreneurs disguising themselves as consumers. Wrongly offering goods as free of charge. Advertise what goes without saying as a special feature.

What is unfair?

1) honest, louder, honest. Examples of use: 1) She acted out of dishonest motives. 1) “Four ex-investigators are demanding compensation because they were forced to retire due to unfair reports.

What is competition law?

What is competition law? Competition law consists of fair trading law and antitrust law. The fair trading law monitors compliance with the rules. Its task is to protect competitors, consumers and other market participants from unfair business dealings.

What is antitrust law?

The main aim of antitrust law is to ensure fair and uniform competition. In doing so, all impermissible restrictions on competition are to be prevented. There may be no anti-competitive agreements between competitors.

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