Which masters can you do with psychology?

Which masters can you do with psychology?

There is a wide range of Master Psychology courses on offer, so you are spoiled for choice. The courses range from classic psychology to sports psychology, media psychology masters or advertising psychology and work and organizational psychology.

How do I apply for Psychology?

Application for the major in Psychology. Basically, there are currently two ways of applying for psychology studies in Germany: direct application at the university and application via DoSV from Hochschulstart.

What grade point average do you need to study psychology?

At all German universities, the psychology NC in this semester is between 1.1 and 1.5. On average, you need at least a grade of 1.3 to be admitted without any problems.

What numerus clausus for psychology?

Psychology NC Winter semester 2020/2021Degree courseWaiting semester (WaSe)Uni BielefeldPsychology B.Sc. (1 subject)11 (2.7 NC)Uni BielefeldPsychology B.Sc. (minor subject)7 (2.4 NC)Uni BonnPsychology B.Sc. (1 subject)12 (2.4 NC)Uni BonnPsychology BA (additional subject)4 (2.4 NC)32

What can you do with a psychology degree?

Graduates can also choose a wide range of tasks in the fields of education and coaching as careers after studying psychology. These include jobs at universities, in research institutions and of course in business, for example at training institutes.

What do I need to become a psychologist?

A master’s degree is a prerequisite for this. If, on the other hand, you want to work as a psychologist in counseling, a bachelor’s degree is usually sufficient. A few universities still offer a diploma course in psychology. However, this is a discontinued model.

How much does a criminal psychologist make?

The salary you earn in this job profile depends primarily on your professional experience, your degree, your location and your employer. As a criminologist, you can expect an average gross salary of between 4,000 and 5,300 euros per month.

What can you do as a psychotherapist?

As a psychotherapist, you treat people who suffer from severe mental stress and mental disorders. By means of conversations, you try step by step to enlighten your patients about their problems and to show them a way out of their problems.

What does a psychotherapist have to be able to do?

You have to do a bachelor’s and a consecutive master’s degree in psychology and prove that you are a clinical psychology subject by passing the final exam. If you have your master’s (or alternatively your diploma) in your pocket, you are authorized to complete the training after your studies.

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