Which study test for free?

Which study test for free?

The free online study choice test from will help you to find the course that suits your strengths and interests. Within 10 minutes, the test calculates which subjects are suitable for you based on your inclinations and abilities.

What am I studying proof? With the orientation test, you can test for yourself which course and which profession suits you. The test determines your interest and skills profile and gives recommendations for courses at all types and locations of universities in Baden-Württemberg as well as suggestions for suitable future professions.

What do I have to do if I want to study?

In principle, you need a higher education entrance qualification so that you can enroll for a course of study. You can prove this with your certificate of university entrance qualification. However, the type of university you are allowed to study at depends on the type of school you graduated from.

What am I studying test duration?

You can take the orientation test (OT) at The “mandatory part” of the OT consists of an interest test that lasts about 15 minutes; The three ability tests (duration approx. 90 minutes) are also recommended.

What should you study to get rich?

5 degree programs that will make you rich later No degree at all. Unimaginable, but true: the richest people in the world have not studied. Economics. At many universities in Germany, the cliché has persisted for a long time that anyone who doesn’t know what they’re studying simply studies business administration. engineering sciences. computer science. Medicine. Conclusion.

Which course brings the most money?

With these subjects, the highest salaries are possible place subject annual gross salary 1 medicine and dentistry 92,200 euros 2 law 77,900 euros 3 industrial engineering 72,400 euros 4 engineering 70,900 euros 1 more row•

What should I study if I want to earn a lot of money?

A recent job study shows how you can make big bucks. If you want to make a lot of money at work, you have to study. Preferably medicine or law. Or go into business later.

Can you get rich with computer science?

You don’t have to study to get rich with IT. Rather, a good view is required of where something can be improved/accelerated using IT. At the age of 60 you still have the best chance of becoming a millionaire due to your life experience.

In which IT area do you earn the most?

IT project managers follow with around 66,000 euros and product managers with 62,500 euros. IT consultants and employees in the field of IT security earn around 59,000 euros per year. Java developers still go home fairly well paid with 47,500 euros.

How much does a computer scientist make?

Current search terms: Computer scienceComputer scientistGross salary (year)Junior computer scientist000 eurosComputer scientist with professional experience000 eurosSenior computer scientist000 euros

How much does a computer scientist earn?

As a graduate computer scientist, the national salary is €4,527 per month. We determined this value on the basis of 74 data sets that we have recorded over the past two years. With regard to the salary range, it should be noted that the lower monthly salaries start at €4,049, Dipl.

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