Who has to sign a blocking notice?

Who has to sign a blocking notice?

The blocking notice of your master’s thesis is located directly behind the cover sheet. Who has to sign the blocking notice of the master’s thesis? The blocking notice of your master’s thesis contains signatures from you and everyone else who is allowed to read the thesis during the blocking period, usually supervisors.

Where does the affidavit have to go?

Some universities require that the affidavit be inserted directly after the cover sheet. The more common variant, however, is to place the affidavit as the last page of your bachelor thesis.

Where does the affidavit go?

The affidavit is attached to your term paper or bachelor thesis – usually right at the front after the cover sheet or the table of contents or at the very end of the work. You should not include the affidavit in the table of contents.

When does the affidavit appear in the table of contents?

Often the affidavit comes right at the end of your bachelor thesis, i.e. forms the last page. As part of the appendix, it is given neither an outline number nor a page number, but should be listed as an extra point in the table of contents.

Where does the declaration of independence go?

The declaration of independence. The declaration of independence is at the very end, behind the bibliography and, if applicable, the appendix. It should be attached to every academic paper to ensure that no plagiarism has been committed.

Is the declaration of independence numbered?

The declaration of independence is not numbered.

What is a declaration of independence?

The declaration of independence (also known as a declaration of independence) is a written confirmation that you have written your scientific work independently.

What is attached to a term paper?

The appendix gives you the opportunity to provide additional information about your bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Only material should be included in the appendix that would disrupt the flow of the reading in the text, but is necessary for your argumentation.

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