Who pays the head hunter?

Who pays the head hunter?

Headhunter fees are always paid by the company.

How do recruiters find out about me?

Whether on Xing, LinkedIn, in career forums or on specific blogs: The more presence you show through well-kept and up-to-date profiles (see below), contributions, recommendations and comments, the higher the probability that recruiters will notice you.

What should you think of Experteer?

Experteer is aimed specifically at specialists and executives with an annual income of 60,000 euros or more. In this portal, the vacancies and the potential applicants are only visible when you register. The advantage for applicants and job seekers is a somewhat more protected environment for their own profile.

How good is Experteer?

Since the appearance of our article, i.e. within almost three months, the positive Experteer ratings on have suddenly increased continuously. Currently (July 1, 2016) the average rating of all ratings is “only” a poor 4.2 out of 10 points (52 ratings in total).

How much does Experteer cost?

If you only want to try the portal once for a month, you pay a hefty 29.50 euros – and mustn’t forget to cancel. The very targeted search of job vacancies is a plus at Experteer – but can only be fully used with a premium membership.

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