Why are child soldiers being recruited?

Why are child soldiers being recruited?

Reasons for Recruiting Child Soldiers Children are recruited because they are more docile, obedient and easier to manipulate than adults. In addition, children are now predominantly recruited in areas where protracted civil war has left many victims.

How do you become a child soldier?

The circumstances in which children become soldiers can vary widely. Most children are forced to be soldiers. For example, children are simply picked up on the way (e.g. on the way to school). Or they are deliberately kidnapped.

What are the duties of child soldiers?

They are forced to kill and plunder, they have to go to the front, are driven through minefields or used for espionage. 250,000 children and young people around the world are abused as soldiers by both regular armies and rebel groups.

How many child soldiers are there in the world?

According to the so-called Machel Report of the UN, around 300,000 children were involved in conflicts under arms in 1996. Today the number of child soldiers is estimated at around 250,000. More than 50 armed groups, mostly from Africa, are known to use child soldiers.

Where are there still child soldiers today?

Child soldiers fight in 14 countriesAfghanistan – war hero at twelve. Syria – children in uniform are becoming commonplace. Iraq – last chance to escape. Yemen – the neighbor is involved. Somalia – “the youth” recruits children. South Sudan – 16,000 children in action. Sudan – words but not actions. Central African Republic – Fearful soldier.

Where are most of the child soldiers?

The country with the largest number of child soldiers in the world is Myanmar (Burma). The situation is dramatic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda and Yemen. Burundi, Indonesia and Russia are also notorious.

What happens to former child soldiers?

Only a few manage to escape. The United Nations and some aid agencies are negotiating the release of child soldiers. Armed groups want money for it, or that they are not brought to justice.

Where is child labor legal?

Child labor is officially prohibited in all EU countries. According to UN estimates, over 168 million children do hard work every day in many poor countries in Asia, South America, Africa, and also in countries in Eastern Europe. They are often exploited like slaves in plantations, mining and textile factories.

How many child soldiers are there in the Congo?

Around 250,000 children are fighting in armies and rebel groups around the world – 3,500 of them in the Congo. Former child soldier Nestor Songolo made the jump. Children who carry weapons: still everyday life in the Congo today.

How many child soldiers are there in Africa?

Around 250,000 boys and girls around the world are used as child soldiers, most of them in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. You have to fight in wars and armed conflict.

Where do children work in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, children work in aluminum factories, sew clothes or toil in construction. Child labor is still widespread in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. Two thirds of the working girls from the slums of the capital are therefore employed there.

Where do the children work?

Most child laborers live in Africa and Asia. Overall, more boys than girls work, but girls often help a lot in the household, which is often not included in the figures. 71 percent work in agriculture.

In which countries is there child labor Wikipedia?

Child labor is work performed by children for gainful purposes …. There is a particularly high level of child labor in Asia, the Pacific and sub-Saharan Africa: Asia and the Pacific: 122.3 million. Sub-Saharan Africa: 49.3 million. Latin America and the Caribbean : 5.7 million Other regions: 13.4 million.

In which countries is there still child labor?

According to a US survey, India, Bangladesh and the Philippines are the countries with the highest proportion of child labor in domestic production. In Africa, children are mainly exploited in the mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In which brands is child labor?

According to Terre des Hommes and the “Active against child labor” campaign, child labor can be found in the following products: cars, pencils, flowers, computers, laptops, diamonds, precious stones, electronics, fireworks, spices.

In which industries is there child labor?

Most of the children work in agriculture (70.9 percent), in industry (11.9 percent) and as auxiliary workers in the service sector (17.2 percent).

Which industries use child labor?

Industrial electronic waste. Tons of illegal electronic waste (e-waste) from the USA and Europe is mainly brought to Africa and Asia, especially to China and India. Fireworks. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of fireworks. Footballs. Glass. Gold Jewellery. Shoes. Toy. Matches.

In which areas of the economy do children mainly work?

70 out of 100 child laborers work in agriculture, followed by services (26 million) and industry (18 million). Many work more than 43 hours a week, among 15 to 17 year olds it is 64 percent.

What are the reasons for child labor?

Children are easily exploited, cannot defend themselves and are almost never unionized. The causes of child labor lie in the world’s economic imbalance and in a vicious circle of inadequate social systems, a lack of education, poverty and exploitation.

Why shouldn’t children work?

Children must be protected from all work that could be dangerous to their body and soul or that could prevent them from exercising their right to an education. Because children shouldn’t have to work instead of going to school. Nobody is allowed to take advantage of children’s labor.

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