Why become an orthodontist?

Why become an orthodontist?

Orthodontics Your advantages: Healthy teeth: An orthodontic treatment eliminates dirt niches caused by crooked or crowded teeth and thus makes dental care easier. This serves to prevent tooth decay and gingivitis.

Can you stop orthodontic treatment?

If the orthodontic treatment is discontinued, the co-payment cannot be refunded. A termination is when it is terminated before the end specified in the treatment plan.

Is Invisalign covered by health insurance?

Invisalign®: Coverage of costs by private health insurance companies Depending on the specific case and the health insurance company, the costs incurred during the treatment are fully or partially covered by the health insurance company. The basic requirement here is that you can prove that you have a misaligned tooth.

What insurance does Invisalign cover?

The statutory health insurance (GKV) does not cover the costs of treatment with aligners for children and adolescents. This results in a high personal contribution for parents. For adults, the GKV covers the costs for aligners in exceptional cases, provided there is a medical necessity.

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