Why can’t I comment anymore on YouTube?Why can’t I comment anymore on YouTube?

Why can’t I comment anymore on YouTube?

#1. The first thing you should do is try to refresh the video page. Comments may not load due to temporary issues. If reloading the video page didn’t help, wait a few minutes. Maybe the problem is on the YouTube side.

How to write a good comment

How do I structure the comment? In an introduction, he refers to the message or event he wants to comment on. The arguments that support this opinion follow, in increasing form – so the best argument comes last. Finally, you bring your opinion back to the point.

How do I comment on YouTube mobile?

Type in the name of a video you want to comment on, then tap Search (iPhone) or Return (Android). Choose a video. Tap the video you want to comment on. This opens the video.

How to reply to comments on Tiktok?

Go to your profile and then click on one of your TikToks whose comments you want to view. Click on the comment function on the right and select any comment you would like to reply to. Tap this comment.

How to text someone on TikTok?

Open TikTok and go to your profile. Tap on the three dots in the top right. Go to “Privacy and security”. Tap on Who Can Message Me.

How to enable comments on YouTube?

Select Videos from the menu on the left. Click the video’s title or thumbnail. Select the More Options tab. Under “Comments & Ratings,” choose your comment preferences.

How to disable comments on YouTube?

Click YouTube Studio (Beta). Click on the video you don’t want comments on. Go to “Advanced”. Uncheck “Allow all comments” and “Users can see ratings for this video”.

Where are the comments on YouTube app?

Now YouTube is testing a more hidden display of comments under YouTube videos in the Android app. Previously you only had to scroll down to see comments, but now you have to tap a button to see the area.

How to write in the comments on YouTube

To add a commentGo to the comments section below the video.Type your comment in the Comment publicly… box. On mobile, you may need to tap the comment area to maximize it.Type your comment.Click Comment.

Who can see what I’m commenting on?

On Facebook, click in the top right. Select Settings and privacy, then click Settings. Click Privacy in the left column. Find the setting Who can see your friends list?

How is YouTube written?

YouTube (pronunciation [ˈjuːtuːb oder ˈjuːtjuːb]) is a video portal founded in 2005 by the US company YouTube, LLC, since 2006 a subsidiary of Google LLC, based in San Bruno, California.

Will YouTube be discontinued?

Now it happened: In response to the decision of the European Parliament, YouTube announced its end. The video portal YouTube is closing down after 14 years worldwide.

What can I upload to YouTube?

Basically, you may only upload videos that you have produced yourself. Rather, it means that you are responsible for all content and need the appropriate rights.

What is not allowed to upload to YouTube?

Ask first, then post online! On the other hand, uploading recorded TV programs to YouTube is prohibited, as is making music files available for download from a CD or the Internet on a file sharing platform such as eDonkey.

How much can you upload to YouTube?

It is generally recommended to upload 3 videos within one. But why exactly? In principle, this is as simple as it is logical! YouTube rewards regular uploads.

What is not allowed to say or do on YouTube?

Law on Youtube – What can I say? What can I say in principle? Basically, you can say anything in Germany. False statement of fact. According to German law, it is clearly forbidden to claim untrue facts. compensation. Personal injury compensation. Violation of privacy. Rabble-rousing. protection of minors Copyright infringement.

What is not allowed to say on YouTube?

N/A: The video does not contain swear words, profanity, or potentially offensive language. Even light swearing, such as “hell” and “damn,” or words interspersed with a beep, should be classified as swear words.

What is banned on YouTube?

Tip: On YouTube, it can be assumed that a music video published on an artist’s official YouTube channel is a legal master piece. However, the publication of the music video by user “whatever777” with 17 views is probably illegal.

Is YouTube Dangerous Or Not?

Not all videos on YouTube are suitable for children and young people. Violence and pornographic content can frighten and upset younger people. Registration on the platform is only permitted for young people over the age of 16, but there is no age check.

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