Why did you quit your job?

Why did you quit your job?

You were fired because you were overwhelmed, your professional qualifications were insufficient or you had difficulties with the team? It makes a particularly good impression at your interview if you can prove that you have already overcome these deficits.

What do I have to be able to do as a team leader?

But for the cooperation to work and for you to be successful as a team leader (and therefore as a team), you need these qualities: integrity, honesty and reliability. Enthusiasm. Social competence and ability to mediate. Communication skills. Self-control and the ability to delegate.

What are my tasks as a team leader?

The team leader is the interface to superiors and other teams or departments in the company. All information and communication run through them. The task of the team leader is to be the contact person and to pass the information on to the relevant team members.

What do you have to be able to do as a team leader?

Other team leader tasks are: setting goals for the team, planning tasks, delegating tasks, team building (forms of an effective and efficient group) motivating employees, dealing with conflicts, leading team meetings, representing the interests of the team within the organization .

What makes a good group leader?

A sensitive and careful handling of power, closeness and distance and the personal limits of each individual is an essential prerequisite for good and responsible group leadership.

Is a team leader a superior?

team leaders are purely professional! you coordinate the team, i.e. the distribution of work and tasks and, with the agreement of the department manager, the vacation. a team leader is not even allowed to hold annual orientation discussions.

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