Why study business administration?

Why study business administration?

The Business Administration degree prepares you for work as a manager. The course focuses on practical and application-oriented content from the field of business administration.

Why do I want to study management?

The management course prepares you for responsible tasks and management positions. It imparts management know-how and business management expertise. You can also improve and expand your soft skills in teamwork or leadership seminars.

What does business management mean?

A Business Management course prepares you for leadership and management tasks. If you would like to take on managerial tasks later in your career, if you like organizing and are interested in business administration, the Business Management degree is the right choice for you. …

What to study for business development?

Nevertheless, there are bachelor’s courses that come very close to the business development course, e.g. business management, innovation management or business administration & entrepreneurship.

How much does a Business Development Manager make?

The starting salary of a Business Development Manager is €42,000 to €57,000 gross/year. Salaries for business development managers with a few years of professional experience range from €59,000 to €84,000 gross/year.

How to become a business development manager

Education: In most companies, a business or economics degree is a prerequisite for the position of Business Development Manager, as sound knowledge in the areas of marketing, finance, economics and law is required.

What is business development?

Ralph Urbanek: A business developer primarily takes care of the (further) development of business areas. This makes it a strong driver of growth and the future-oriented orientation of companies.

What do you do in business development?

Business development is the systematic further development of existing and the development of new business areas. The core of this is the identification of market and marketing opportunities, the analysis of customers and competitors as well as the design of concrete business models and implementation strategies.

How to become a manager

The classic route is via a bachelor’s degree and a subsequent master’s degree in law or economics. For example, courses such as business administration, economics (VWL), business law, law or financial management are possible.

What do I have to do to become a manager?

Unfortunately, there is no classic management training. However, you have a particularly good hand with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or economics and a subsequent master’s degree at a business school, for example in “Management/Controlling”.

How much does a manager earn?

In the area of ​​management and consulting, salaries vary greatly and in some cases there is no upper limit. On average, however, as a manager* you can expect a starting salary of between EUR 4,724 and EUR 7,895 per month. There are managers in every industry, but the salary differences are large.

How much does a top manager earn?

The higher the turnover, the higher the salary. And in large companies with annual sales of more than half a million euros, top managers earn a median of 500,000 euros per year.

How much does a Manager at Mercedes make?

According to income statistics, the group of managing directors in Baden-Württemberg earns an average of a good 100,000 euros a year. Accordingly, Zetsche is worth around 90 times as much as the performance of medium-sized managers. A worker at Daimler has a gross annual salary of around 60,000 euros in the highest tariff level.

In which management area do you earn the most?

Difference by industry The highest salaries for managers are found in the IT and banking sectors. There you can expect around 80,000 to 85,000 euros gross per year. The engineers are around 80,000 euros gross.

In which job do you earn the most?

You earn the most money in these occupational groups PlaceOccupationAnnual gross salary1Doctors92,316 euros2Financial experts76,354 euros3Lawyers70,042 euros4Bankers65,006 euros6 •

What can you do with international management?

What does the job profile of an international manager look like? With your degree in International Management, you qualify for a management position in international business. For example, you can find a job in sales, marketing, or management.

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