Will I be released for an interview?

Will I be released for an interview?

Employers are obliged to release employees paid for job interviews if they are looking for a job due to a termination by the employer. You don’t have to work up the lost time in the form of overtime. The basis for this is ยง 629 BGB.

When does my employer have to release me?

Release after termination: If others are endangered by the employee, he can be released by the boss. An exemption from work by the employer is normally only allowed in exceptional cases if the employee concerned does not agree to this.

How do I prepare for an internal interview?

In-house interview: what to watch out for Don’t tell too much. Of course, you are welcome to recall your previous successes and build on them. Win your previous boss. Use your network. Prove required skills. Prove your own development.

What is an internal applicant?

An internal application is a way in which an employee applies for a job advertisement or posting within the company in which he already works. It is not uncommon for companies to first advertise a position internally before they publish it.

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