Will satellite TV be discontinued?

Will satellite TV be discontinued?

April 2018 only in HD. However, almost all other television channels can still be received in standard definition via satellite. As already mentioned, the second deadline on which some television channels can no longer be received via SD satellite television will be mid-2020.

Can you connect 2 TVs to one receiver?

Your chance: It is easily possible to connect two televisions with one connection via satellite via receiver. However, you cannot run two television channels in parallel.

Can you connect two TVs with one HDMI cable?

If you buy a receiver and connect an HDMI splitter there, you can see the picture from the receiver on two televisions. However, you cannot connect one TV to another via HDMI, because TVs only have HDMI-in.

Which devices for satellite reception?

for satellite reception you need a tv, a satellite dish and a receiver.

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