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10 cool ways to decorate the radiator with practical shelves – how does it work?

Many of us cover our radiators with decorative cladding, especially in the warm seasons. But if you don’t want to disguise the radiators at home, but rather decorate them in some way, we present 10 cool ways how you can embellish the radiators with practical shelves.


A simple shelf covers the radiator and the firewood in the living room

The wooden shelves are a good idea in the interior not only for aesthetic reasons. They also offer more storage space in the room and more warmth in winter. If the radiators are covered, they will not be able to radiate heat into the room as effectively. The radiators themselves don’t look very nice and attractive, but with a shelf you will spice up the radiators in an exquisite way, especially if you decorate them adorable.

Green Lily Wall Art Radiator Shelf

A white board above the radiator would be the perfect place for your indoor plants

The perfect place for a new shelf in the room is namely on the radiator – directly on it or above itm mounted using brackets. A solid piece of natural wood gives the massive radiator a nimble and cozy look. You also have a new shelf or a comfortable side table next to the armchair. Very handy and convenient when you drink your coffee or tea in the morning. This area is ideal for decoration, books, works of art and framed pictures. Your indoor plants will feel perfect there, but only in the warm seasons when the heating is not on. The excessive heat can kill the flowers for a short time. Combine the shelf with the window ledge or with the existing wall shelf in the room. This is a very clever way of creating a harmonious atmosphere in the interior.


The wooden board above the radiator is part of the room furniture and must harmonize in color with the other furniture

Find the best solution for your Radiators in our picture gallery before winter arrives. Treat yourself to this inexpensive change in the interior that you will definitely like.

Radiator-shelf-scandinavian-style-candleholder-wall decoration

Decorate the shelf above the radiator with candle holders and works of art for an exquisite flair in the room

wooden whale radiator shelf scanidinavian style

Scandinavian style radiator shelf

rubber tree living room radiator shelf

Attach the shelves to the wall or place them directly on the radiator

Radiator shelf boho decor mural

Bohemian decoration over the radiator

cactus-wooden board-windowsill-radiator-shelf-books

Robust board made of solid wood in harmony with the window ledge


Undemanding decoration above the radiator

radiator-cladding-shelf-children's room-living-tips

This sparse radiator cladding does not prevent heat radiation

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