10 curious facts about cars

Whether it’s the longest traffic jam or interesting world records, car fans can find out curious facts about the number one means of transport here. The car has long been more than just a daily object that transports its occupants from A to B. It is a cult object and a luxury good that often has a special relationship with the owner. No wonder oddities have developed in the automotive industry over time. Anyone who thought they knew all the bizarre facts about cars will be proven wrong in the following post.


Fact 1: That’s why drivers personalize their own car
There are perfect times to buy summer tires or switch car insurance. These procedures have become second nature to drivers. The peculiarity of personalizing the car with a name, on the other hand, is not quite common. It has to do with human evolution. Early on, it was important to recognize social signals because it ensured the survival of the ancestors. Therefore, it is quite normal for today’s generations to humanize the inanimate object with a name.

Fact 2: The fastest and the most expensive car in the world
If you look at the records around the car, you will immediately notice how expensive a car can be or how fast some people can drive.

  • The fastest car broke the sound barrier at 1,227.985 km/h.
  • The most expensive car was sold for 60 million euros.

The most spacious car in the world presented itself in 2010 when 16 women found space in a Smart. This actually only has space for the driver and front passenger.

Fact 3: An e-car is worthwhile in Norway
No question, nowadays it is important to give something back to the environment. In Norway, this is particularly worthwhile for those who drive an electric car. These motorists are not only allowed to park anywhere free of charge, but also do not have to pay any money for the ferry. In addition, they are allowed to move in lanes that are exclusively for buses.

IMG 7435

Fact 4: Statistics say that…
…all those born under the zodiac sign Leo are the best drivers.

  • …all those born under the sign of Taurus are the worst drivers.
  • …women are better drivers because they cause fewer accidents.
  • …most cars are stolen on New Year’s Day.
  • …about 10 percent of traffic accidents are caused by distractions such as smartphones.
  • …4 out of 5 drivers sing when they are driving.

Fact 5: The first traffic lights were highly explosive
Every driver is familiar with the classic traffic lights these days. But they weren’t always so harmless. The very first traffic light in the world was installed in London in 1868. The problem was that it was slightly explosive. It is a gas lantern that had to be operated manually by police officers. In 1869, this resulted in the officer on duty being burned in the face by a jet of flame when the gas was turned off. This was followed by the closure of the first set of traffic lights and for half a century traffic in London was regulated without signal systems.

Fact 6: Autobahn with a difference
If you have the chance to travel to Japan, you should take a look at the Gate Tower Building. What is curious about this building is its architecture. A highway runs through the building from the 5th to the 7th floor. It is located in the Fukushima district of Osaka. The highway is built as a bridge and never touches the building. The bridge pillars are also attached next to the office tower. In addition, this area is soundproofed several times.

europe bridge from below

Europabrücke from below: The Brennerbundestraße leads through the valley, which is bridged by the Europabrücke. The Brenner autobahn runs along it

Fact 7: Sometimes it can take longer
Historically, two traffic jams stand out in particular. These include a super jam from 1980 and one that occurred in 2010.

  1. In 1980, the longest super traffic jam in the world occurred on a stretch of 176 kilometers between Lyon and Paris.
  2. This is closely followed by the 100-kilometer standstill between Beijing and Tibet. This lasts 12 days.

Fact 8: Bad time for glasses wearers
In 1904, a law was under discussion that would ban masking behind the wheel. This related to the following items:

  • glasses
  • caps and hats
  • scarves and shawls
  • turned-up coat collars

This was due to the fact that people were less recognizable when violating traffic and were able to “save” themselves out of the situation.

Fact 9: Henry Ford didn’t just change the mobile industry
Henry Ford revolutionized the car market with his vision of making a car affordable for everyone. Henry Ford is one of THE names inextricably linked to the mobile industry. It revolutionized automotive engineering and changed the lives of countless people. However, he didn’t just do this to establish an affordable car. He was also convinced that work alone does not bring happiness. That’s why he was the first pioneer to give his employees two days a week off work. Characteristically, it was Saturday and Sunday. That turned into the weekend.


Fact 10: Charity Blitzer in Stockholm
Basically, driving in Sweden is relaxed. Especially in the north, it sometimes happens that drivers are lonely in the open. Another difference is that the speed limits in built-up areas are reduced to 40 or 30 km/h. Anyone who does not know this runs the risk of receiving a speed camera photo. However, some people in Sweden can use it to do “something good” for someone else.

In fact, there is a speed camera in Stockholm, which of course has its main task of detecting speed offenders. On the other hand, it is also extremely charitable. From among the motorists who obey the speed limits, someone will be selected at regular intervals to receive the proceeds from this device.

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