Revamped: GasGas Wild HP MX

At the off-road season opening 2018, the German quad specialist Robert Pribyl did not miss the chance to surprise the scene with the conversion of a Gas-Gas. No expense or effort was spared and a real racing machine was built from the already quite extravagant quad.

GasGas Wild HP MX: technology and details

GasGas Wild HP MX: Not only looks goodEven in the series version, the GasGas was not to be underestimated and offered its pilots a lot of driving fun. Completely unchanged, however, the quad was far from wild enough for the team around Robert Pribyl from RP-Motorsport. The 450 GasGas, built in 2007, was fitted with wider A-arms. To the enormous propulsion in hard racing use again GasGas Wild HP MX: pure racing pleasureTo be able to stop it, the brakes were replaced by a more powerful system. Of course, a lot of power also needs to be cooled. The series cooler was therefore replaced by a unit from the Honda TRX 450. Since almost nothing remained untouched at the wild GasGas by RP-Motorsport, Robert Pribyl’s team didn’t stop at the steering column and the chassis. A special highlight is certainly the custom-made one GasGas Wild HP MX: No expense or effort was spared when converting
Quad exhaust. Parts were not only ‘borrowed’ from Honda, but Yamaha also donated the Nerf bars from the 2006 YZF, an important part for the success of the conversion. So that the racing machine can not only boast technically but also visually, all parts have been powdered, painted or anodised. When it came to screws, no savings were made during the conversion and almost every one is made of aluminum or titanium. If carbon parts are installed in a vehicle, this not only has to be done to save weight, but of course also provides a special visual kick. For example, no expense was spared with the GasGas from RP-Motorsport with carbon fiber reinforced plastic. All in all, a vehicle has been created that does not have to hide from the competition either technically or visually. gave

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