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10 tips on how to personalize bedroom design

One of the biggest dilemmas for bedroom design is spicing up the space above the bed. You have many options for this and we want to give you an insight into them. Pick a solution that will make your bed a fulcrum.

A mirror on the wall above the bed is a great idea!  Use your creativity and spice up the bedroom

A mirror on the wall above the bed is a great idea! Use your creativity and spice up the bedroom

The mirror is a popular choice for designing the area above the bed. But always choose textured frames, because this is where it has a decorative effect. At this point in the room, the mirror must determine the status of the bed as the fulcrum.

An artwork

artwork bedroom design

Something very unusual could also find its place there

A work of art that welds the colors together in the room is another successful bedroom design idea. The main color should only be a shade darker than the one behind it and the other shades should correspond perfectly with those of the room.

A decorative screen


A decorative screen can also take on very practical functions

This solution gives the interior a classic character and, depending on the ornamentation, it can actually appear oriental. You can also integrate mirror surfaces. Paravents should ideally take up the entire wall. Let them also act as a headboard.

Nice fabrics

wall decals bedroom design

Interesting wall tattoos always attract attention

For more warmth and comfort, hang a nice fabric on the wall above the bed. Color and pattern should not break up the harmony and seclusion of the room, but rather contribute to it all the more. Remember that the frames are beautiful too.

Pictures in black and white


Hang pictures or graphics on the wall in the bedroom that you always want to have in mind

A series of graphics or pictures in black and white would be another great idea for the area above your bed. This makes the bedroom a good place for longed-for tricks.

Collection of decorative wall plates

wall plate bedroom design

Wall plates always create a creative atmosphere

With their harmonious round shape, the decorative plates also have a place outside the kitchen or dining room. Hang some decorative wall plates on the wall above the bed. This will clearly make your bedroom design very original.

Mural wallpaper


Wall paper with large patterns serves as an accent here

Are you in the mood for a great wallpaper project? Use it to create an accent wall behind the bed in the bedroom. If you choose wallpaper with large patterns, you may not need a headboard. If you still decide for one of these, it should stand out well against the wallpaper background and at the same time harmonize with its patterns.


canopy bedroom design

A canopy brings a very romantic flair to the bedroom

Would you sleep better if you had the illusion of a royal palace? If that is the case, then experiment with a decorative variant of the canopy. Choose fine textiles that will refine your bedroom design.

Put the bed in front of the window


Carefully choose the position of your sleeping bed

Have you heard that a bed is not allowed to stand by the window? That is not entirely true and always. If your bed has a high headboard, you will definitely get a feeling of good protection. However, the window must be very high so that there is still plenty of natural light. In addition, it looks like a kind of decoration in this way and highlights the bed within the bedroom design.
This type of bed positioning is particularly suitable for rooms with many windows, which leave us with few options for room design.

Between two windows


A bedroom with a wonderful panoramic view is a dream come true for many homeowners

A bed with an oval or clover-shaped headboard looks beautiful between two windows. Such a bedroom design would be great in a room with a classicistic look, where all the decorative details are also richly ornamented.

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