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18 creative bathtub shelves and shelves for your bathroom

We welcome all of our imaginative friends and ask you if you are ready to dive into the world of creative ideas for bathtub shelves? Today we’re not only seeing a few models of them, but also some wonderful ready-to-use bathtub shelves and bathtub bridges for your bathroom.

Do you enjoy spending time in your bathtub? I like to relax there and prefer to listen to my favorite radio with chill out music. This is my time to sink into daydreams, think about the future and reflect on the best events of my day. All I need for a perfectly relaxed atmosphere is a glass of wine and a lantern. The bathtub shelf helps me relax properly.


As you can see in the photos, most of the tub bridges are made of wood. In addition, there are those with metal frames that ensure the functionality and safety of the things stored.

Another option is the chic, transparent shelf made of fiberglass. In contrast, the wooden bathtub bridge goes more with the rustic and vintage style.

Trays made from the widely used plastic are also available. You can find the right bathtub shelf for your bathroom on the market.

What is the tub bridge suitable for? You can place different objects on it, e.g. soap, body lotion or shampoo. There is enough space for a glass, candles and other small decorations. In the photos you can see bathtub shelves with bookends. A fantastic idea, isn’t it? In my opinion, a cheese plate would go well with it. Yes, because the tub bridge can even withstand that!

Bathtub shelf, glass fiber, transparent

Bathtub shelf

Bathtub bridge black

Bathtub bridge in black

Tub bridge metal wood bookend

Wooden tub bridge with metal bookend

Tub bridge made of wood

Tub bridge made of wood

Tub bridge made of wood

Tub bridge made of wood

Tub bridge made of wood

Tub bridge made of wood

Wood metal plastic bathtub shelf made of wood

Wood, metal and plastic are well combined here

Glass holder bathtub shelf made of wood

Glass holder

Bookend glass holder soap holder-bathtub shelf made of wood

Bookend, glass holder and soap holder on this bathtub shelf

Bookend glass holder candle holder-bathtub shelf made of metal

The candle holder ensures more contemplation in the bathroom

Bathtub shelf metal plastic white

Bathtub shelf made of metal and plastic in white

Bathtub shelf free-standing bathtub modern bookend

Bathtub shelf for free-standing bathtubs with modern bookends

Bathtub shelf wood tealight holder candlelight

Wooden bathtub shelf with tealight holders

Bath towel holder, glass holder, modern bathtub shelf made of wood

Bathtub shelf with towel holder and glass holder in one

Bathtub tiles bathtub bridge bookend glass holder soap holder metal wood

Does your bathtub look just as good?

Bathtub tiles modern bathtub shelf made of metal

Comfort and pleasure in the bathtub

Bathtub shelf made of wood with placed champagne glass bathtub shelf made of wood

Wooden tub shelf with set off champagne glasses

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