How do I mark a quote in the text?

How do I mark a quote in the text?

If you want to quote an entire text passage including a direct quote, this is a quote in the quote and is marked with single quotation marks. A uniform citation style is important (Müller, 2020, p. 20).

How do you quote the Federal Statistical Office?

Federal Statistical Office (2018): Quick report results of the university statistics on students and freshmen, winter semester 2018/2019, cited from, [online][[…

Who is the statista?

Statista is a German online portal for statistics that makes data from market and opinion research institutions as well as from business and official statistics accessible in German, English, Spanish and French. It is one of the most successful statistical databases in the world.

How do I mark a quote?

Omissions and your own additions to the direct quotation. If part of the quotation is left out, this must be indicated. To do this, you put three ellipses in square brackets. Other own additions or changes that may be due to grammatical reasons are indicated by square brackets.

How is a quote flagged?

The quoted text is always in quotation marks in a verbatim quote. Please note that the introductory quotation mark is at the bottom and the quotation mark ending the quotation is at the top: “Correct use of quotation marks. “

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