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A scratching post ensures your card has a varied everyday life

Anyone who has a cute house cat is certainly familiar with the topic of cat scratching posts. But if you’ve just got yourself a house tiger, you’re still a newcomer to cat grooming. Surely you already know it or have noticed it at home, the need to scratch is innate in every kitty. She wants to sharpen her claws wherever she pleases. Because of this, your furniture is easily at risk, as it can soon be ruined by the kitty. Help comes from a single piece of furniture that is specially designed for cats and it’s called a scratching post. This can fulfill several functions at the same time and make your everyday life easier, but above all it can add variety to your cat. There the cute pet satisfies its scratching need, can climb and play endlessly, then withdraw and enjoy complete relaxation. If you’re still in doubt as to whether you need a scratching post or not, then read on.

The scratching post is an indispensable piece of furniture at home if there is a kitty there.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze unabdingbares Möbelstück

Maybe two people who keep each other company.

Kratzbaum für zwei Katzen schlafen liegen kratzen

  • Why is a scratching post essential for purely domestic cats?

A scratching post is a sturdy structure that in most cases is made from natural materials such as sisal and wood. It can also be very high and equipped with various extras such as a hammock, for example. You need to find a bright spot in the living room for this piece of furniture, as close to the window as possible. Most cats are very curious, they like to observe their surroundings, climb up the scratching post and enjoy the view of the whole room. From there you can also take a look through the window and watch for a long time what is happening on the street or in the backyard. This is part of the cat’s daily entertainment program.

The right place for the scratching post is next to the window.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze richtiger Platz neben dem Fenster

In addition, the scratching post can be called the best fitness equipment for house cats. He keeps the cat active. The constant jumping and climbing trains the kitty’s entire musculature so that it grows strong and healthy. This can be your favorite place to sleep. After every nap, the scratcher feels a stronger need to scratch. She can practice this perfectly on the scratching post without damaging the apartment furniture or the wallpaper. Needless to say, she has a lot of fun scratching and that way overcomes everyday boredom at home.

Even on a self-made scratching post, you have to provide cozy sleeping and lying areas for your dear kitty.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze kuschelige Schlaf und Liegeflächen

Here the cat can sharpen its claws.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze beste Kratzmöglichkeit die Krallen schärfen

  • What should you consider when choosing a scratching post?

Since the scratching post serves as a place to sleep, retreat, play area and observation tower at the same time, its design is important. A stable tree-like construction with a few platforms, cozy loungers and sisal columns is the norm here. A built-in hammock brings more variety to the design and many plus points for your kitty. You have to choose a model that fits perfectly into your furnishing style and in no way disturbs the overall look of the room. The color palette of most of the scratching posts that can be found in specialist shops ranges from white to beige to brown. These completely natural colors are preprogrammed by the materials used in the construction of each scratching post.

A hammock is a well-seen extra.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze Hängematte ein gut gesehenes

There is also space for a scratching post in a modern living room.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze im modern eingerichteten Wohnzimmer

As far as the materials are concerned, wood and sisal can of course be used here. Individual components can also be made from polyester, banana leaves, water hyacinth or lambskin. It is important that they all make an interesting whole. In this regard we would like to add that the cats actually cannot distinguish the materials from one another. The most important thing for them is the possibility of scratching, then playing and sleeping on the scratching post.

If you have good craftsmanship, then you can build a scratching post for your kitty yourself. In that case, the following images can be an excellent source of inspiration for you. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun looking through it!

The cat likes it cozy.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze kuschelige Hängematte

Kratzbaum für die Mieze schönes Design weiche Liegeflächen

Kratzbaum für die Mieze kratzen am Sisalsäule

Here she likes to sleep….

Kratzbaum für die Mieze Schlafort sehr kuschelig

… or curiously observes their surroundings.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze perfekter Beobachtungsort

Provide your kitty with a cozy place to sleep.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze kuscheliger Schlafort am Fenster

Kratzbaum für die Mieze kuschelige Hängematten für zwei Katzen

A large scratching post can accommodate the whole cat family.

Kratzbaum für die ganze Katzenfamilie

A little green makes the scratching post even more attractive.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze etwas Grün Kiessteine frisch und attraktiv

Kratzbaum für die Mieze Grün und Kiessteine attraktives Design

A scratching post can also be in a modern minimalist design.

Kratzbaum für die Mieze im minimalistischen Design

Kratzbaum für die Mieze modern minimalistisch

Kratzbaum für die Mieze aus Birkenholz modernes Wohnambiente

Kratzbaum für die Mieze Katzen springen spielen

Kratzbaum für die Mieze einfaches modernes Design

Kratzbaum für die Mieze Katzen spielen gern schärfen ihre Krallen

Kratzbaum für die Mieze selber bauen Muster

Kratzbaum für die Mieze an der Wand angebracht

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