Advent wreath – the classic must-have during the run-up to Christmas

Advent begins in just 20 days, so the biggest family festival is not far off on our calendar. During these weeks, the anticipation of Christmas also begins, because there is an extremely cozy atmosphere in every home. You light candles, bake cookies and Christmas stollen and distribute beautiful Christmas decorations all over your home. This is the most popular time for the children, because they look forward to great Christmas gifts and like to help decorate and bake. The countdown to Christmas is starting soon. But are you prepared for it? Have you made an Advent wreath yourself and already bought it? We want to help you decorate your four walls and have prepared great ideas for a stylish Advent wreath today. We also like to tell you where the tradition of the Advent wreath comes from and what’s behind it. And why this turns into the highlight of the pre-Christmas season. Stick with it because it’s getting to be Christmassy!

When the first candle burns on the Advent wreath, the pre-Christmas season begins.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit die erste Kerze Brennt Weihnachten ist nicht mehr fern

Advent, Advent, a little light is burning…

Adventskranz ein Lichtlein brennt die erste Kerze ist angezundet Adventszeit beginnt

Where does the tradition come from and what does the Advent wreath symbolize?

When researching the origin of the Advent season, we must always keep in mind that Christmas has a religious meaning. The German word Advent is derived from the Latin “adventus”, which stands for “adventus Domini” or “arrival of the Lord”. At Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Over the course of many decades, Christmas has retained its religious significance and the four weeks that precede it are still for many Catholics and Protestants a “time of surrender and joyful anticipation”. However, for modern people, it has turned into a cozy family celebration, just like Easter. As is well known, the Advent season begins four weeks before the festival. The preparations start four Sundays before Christmas Eve. These are the four Advent Sundays on which you always light a new candle on the Advent wreath. The whole family comes together and spends contemplative time together, eating stollen and drinking coffee or tea in the candlelight!

This is what the classic Advent wreath looks like – fir green, red mistletoe, cones and four white candles, symmetrically distributed on the wreath.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit klassisch Tannengrun rote Mistelbeeren Zapfen vier weise Kerzen

The wreath can also be designed in warm autumn colors.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit in warmen Herbstfarben gestaltet orangefarbene Kerzen Tannengrun buntes Laub

How long has the Advent wreath been around?

It is historically proven that the Advent wreath has its origin in the 19th century. He actually comes from Hamburg, where the Protestant theologian Johann Hinrich Wichern invented the first Advent wreath in 1839. At that time he was working in Hamburg’s “Rauhen Haus”, an institution for impoverished children. During the Advent season, the little ones kept asking the theologian when it would finally be Christmas. To satisfy their curiosity and impatience, Wichern took a large wagon wheel. He stuck 23 candles on it, 19 small and 4 large ones, and lit a new one every day. So the children knew how many days there were until the feast of feasts. The first Advent wreath was so fascinating for the little ones. This soon established itself as a custom and in many private houses first one, but then two, three and four candles were lit during the Advent season. This made it much easier to count the days leading up to Christmas.

Now it’s getting Christmassy, ​​that means so festive and cozy at the same time!

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit schoner Kranz mit vier dunkelroten Kerzen Weihnachtskugeln ein Reh aus Holz geschnitten

By the way, do you know that you can make such a wreath yourself for Christmas?

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit notige Materialien zum Kranz selber basteln vier Kerzen Tannengrun Rehe aus Holz Weihnachtskugeln Garn Schleifenband

Advent wreath ideas that are sure to inspire you

Now that you have learned interesting facts about the origin and meaning of the Advent wreath, it is time for practical ideas for its design. Traditionally, the wreath with the four candles decorates the dining or coffee table. It is designed classically in the typical colors of Christmas, namely white, red and green. You don’t need a lot of materials for such a wreath. You can get some fir green from the nearby craft store. At home, tie the fir branches into a wreath. You can choose the four candles according to your taste and style of the interior. Any color and size of candles is appropriate here, although traditionally white or red candles are chosen. Then you can add Christmas roses, poinsettias or Christmas balls to the fir green. They are easy to attach or you can use the hot glue gun. Red mistletoe berries and other decorative elements can immediately turn your Advent wreath into an eye-catcher in the room.

A great Advent wreath idea that is easy to imitate.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit auf einem Holztablett vier rote Kerzen Tannengrun Christrosen leicht nachzumachen

Four pots with evergreen plants can serve as the basis for beautiful Advent decorations.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit vier Topfe immergrune Pflanzen die Basis fur schone Adventsdekoration

But we have many other ideas for designing a stylish Advent wreath ready. These range from simple to rustic to modern and Scandinavian. Everyone can also determine the shape of the wreath as they wish. Just don’t think that the Advent wreath can only be in a round shape. No, even four candles arranged on a driftwood or a tray bring a great festive Christmas mood. Just make sure that all the decorative elements and the candles on the Advent wreath match each other in color. Then you can be sure that you are making a unique wreath yourself.

Your homemade wreath shouldn’t necessarily have a round shape, should it?

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit ein selbstgebastelter Kranz auf ein Stuck Treibholz arrangiert keine runde Form

Succulents on the Advent wreath? Yes why not?

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit Sukkulenten und viel Tannengrun dunkelgrune Kerzen

A great idea if you like to tinker with natural materials.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit mit Naturmaterialien basteln tolle Idee zum Nachmachen

Now scroll down and admire interesting examples of stylish Advent wreaths. Our pictures can certainly be a great source of inspiration for you. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you a lot of fun and good luck with your handicrafts and decorating!

So simple and beautiful at the same time! Four white candles on birch wood!

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit einfach und schon vier weise Kerzen auf Birkenholz

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit vier weise Kerzen unterschiedlich hoch auf einer Holzscheibe arrangiert

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit einfach nachzumachen vier weise Kerzen auf einem Tablett Reh kleiner Tannenbaum aus Holz

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit auf einem Tablett Moos blaue Beeren vier Kerzen in Glasgefasen

Advent decoration in industrial style.

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit Adventsdekoration im Industrial Styl Kerzen aus Beton

Cozy coffee time on an Advent Sunday!

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit gemutliche Kaffeezeit am Adventssonntag Kaffeeservice Kranz auf dem Tisch

A little more shine and glamor doesn’t hurt!

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit glanzende Kugeln in einem Gittergefas arrangiert vier weise Kerzen

We wish you a nice pre-Christmas season!

Adventskranz ein Must have der Vorweihnachtszeit dunkelblaue Kerzen brennen Tannengrun goldgelber Schmuck Glanz und Glamour

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